10 Best 90s Comedies That Deserve A Remake

Comedy movies have always been a hit with audiences, and the 90s in particular was a decade that saw quite a bit of success for the genre. Then up-and-coming comedians like Jim Carrey and Adam Sandler dominated multiplexes along with artists like Liar Liar and Billy MadisonBill Murray showed that he hadn’t lost any of his tongue-in-cheek magic with groundhog dayand the Coen Brothers delivered a cult classic in the form of The great Lebowski.

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Between those hits, however, there were more than several flops that didn’t get much laughs either. But if any of them can get the remake treatment, it’s entirely possible they could go from the failures of one decade to the greatest hits of another decade.

11 Stripping could be gold in the right hands

Before Hustlersanother detective comedy centered on strippers was released in 1996 and is called Striptease. Demi Moore starred as a stripper who comes face to face with a lustful and obsessive congressman while trying to win back custody of her daughter from her degenerate ex-husband. It was critically acclaimed and is considered one of the worst films.

The book the film is based on, Carl Hiaasen Striptease, was much more acclaimed thanks to its clever political satire and eccentric cast of characters. A new film version of Striptease could succeed in updating its satire and characters for the modern era while keeping its cutting edge intact.

ten 8 heads in a duffel bag might be a cut above the rest

1997 8 heads in a sports bag stars Joe Pesci as a mob hitman who is ordered to carry a duffel bag full of severed human heads to a crime boss. While taking a flight to his destination, Pesci’s luggage is accidentally swapped with a similar bag belonging to a college student named Charlie Pritchett (Andy Comeau), who is on his way to visit his girlfriend and family in Mexico. Chaos and misunderstandings ensue as Pesci seeks to reclaim the heads by any harsh means necessary.

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What looks like a pleasantly twisted film with plenty of potential suffers from poor execution and a struggle to maintain the right tone for a dark comedy. A remake with a better understanding of its tone, characters, and plot could be a cut above the original.

9 A new version of Hudson Hawk would have smoother navigation

Bruce Willis’ 1991 action comedy Hudson’s Falcon did not reach the heights that those involved thought. But that’s not to say there aren’t redeeming factors in the film, such as amusing action sets and characters, though they’re drowned out by a plot that sometimes doesn’t make sense.

A remake with a much less convoluted plot that retains quirky humor and exciting settings might have a much smoother ride with critics and audiences alike.

8 Vampire in Brooklyn could use a little sharpening

Director Wes Craven and Eddie Murphy teamed up in 1996 for this comedic take on the vampire horror subgenre, though critics and audiences found little to sink their teeth into. It’s become a cult hit since its release, but there’s definitely room for improvement when it comes to its execution.

Vampire Horror Movies Aren’t As Common As They Used To Be, But Maybe A New Approach vampire in brooklyn could give the genre more bite with a mix of gnarly murder and a pleasingly dark sense of humor.

seven The public would be in session for a remake of Mrs Tingle’s teaching

Scream writer Kevin Williamson wrote and directed 1999’s Teaching Mrs. Tinglea dark comedy thriller about a group of high school students who take drastic measures to prove to a ruthless teacher (Helen Mirren) that they are innocent when she accuses them of cheating on an important exam.

While Helen Mirren shines as Mrs. Tingle, the film feels very hazy and not particularly funny or thrilling. The premise, however, is fun, and perhaps a new version of the movie could take more advantage of the possibilities of such a setup.

6 A new taste of innocent blood might go down easier than the first

Another vampire comedy that deserves new life is innocent blood, which sees a beautiful French vampire named Marie (Anne Parillaud) fail to kill a high-profile crime boss (Robert Loggia), which makes him a vampire. Teaming up with an undercover cop (Anthony LaPaglia), Marie must confront the crime boss when he begins to turn more mobsters into vampires to serve him.

Much like the vampire subgenre, the gangster movie isn’t nearly as big as it used to be, but throwing vampires into the mix could make a difference. And given the improvements in special effects and prosthetics since the original film, there’s no doubt that the vampires’ appearance could be updated in a remake that balances macabre horror with smart comedy.

5 A new version of Last Action Hero would be far from a big mistake

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s 1993 action comedy Last Action Hero is infamous for losing big at the box office. While the film itself is actually much better than its poor reputation suggests, it could have done more with its satirical take on overdone action movies. A remake would have more than enough material to extract and mock.

Having a modern action icon like Dwayne Johnson in the lead role and a director with a keen eye for action and comedy behind the camera would guarantee a successful remake.


3 Vanities Bonfire Could Do Well By Acclaimed Novel

1987 novel by Tom Wolfe The bonfire of vanities has long been considered an overall masterpiece, but the same cannot be said for its 1990 film adaptation. The big problem with the film is that it makes the main characters more likable. In the book, however, the main characters aren’t really meant to be likable as the book satirizes the people of New York in the 1980s, portraying them as unscrupulous and corrupt.

A new adaptation of the novel that’s reworked in the right ways — like deepening the story’s theme of white privilege and giving more non-white characters important and worthy roles in the narrative — without losing any of the original bite or satire would more than make up for the errors of the original film.

2 A better cool world trip would be amazing

Shortly after the success of Who Framed Roger Rabbit in 1988, adult animation pioneer Ralph Bakshi pitched a more R-rated horror film to Paramount Pictures. However, the studio’s interference made the film feel much more sanitized and not what Bakshi envisioned. The final product was released in 1992 as cool world and was received with less enthusiasm than Bakshi had hoped.

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Early concept art as Bakshi’s original film has surfaced online, showing what the original film could have been without studio interference. The idea of cool world getting a remake that brings it much closer to Bakshi’s original vision – with Bakshi himself involved, of course – would be welcome. And given the recent rise in live-action/animated hybrid movies like Tic and Tac: Rescue Rangers and Space Jam: A New Legacythere’s definitely room for a much darker, horror-oriented take on these kinds of films.

1 A Zanier Take on the Mars Attacks! Could be out of this world

by Tim Burton Martian attacks! is not a bad movie at all and still refers to the present day. But despite some very dark comedy-inspired moments, the film sometimes feels less than the sum of its parts due to its dedication to riffing on 1950s sci-fi movies.

A new film version of Martian attacks! which focuses more on an original story and the cartoonish mayhem of Martians could be an absolute blast. While modern CGI could certainly make Martians look better than they did in the original film, a fully animated movie could be just what the story needs to be as crazy as it gets.

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