10 Incredible Tourist Destinations in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

Puerto Vallarta is a charming and exotic place that has a way of leaving an impression on the hearts of its visitors. From amazing rainforests and joyful life to delicious food, this slice of heaven has its roots in a pure shipyard metropolis filled with culture and ancient eras. This haven of peace promises unlimited entertainment with its bars, restaurants and day and night activities.

Whether you feel like lounging by the sea, partying the night away, or enjoying a mouth-watering meal, here are the best places to visit.

ten Yelapa

Surrounded by wilderness and soaked by the tides of the bay, Yelapa is a quiet and adorable destination occupying southern Puerto Vallarta. The tranquility and solitude make it an excellent place for visitors wishing to escape the hectic city life. Its shimmering turquoise waters that burst against the golden sands and jungle-backed hillside make it a beauty to behold. With wilderness home to various creatures and two mesmerizing falls, guests can be sure to enjoy the fresh air and have a great time. At Yelapa, you can swim, snorkel, kayak, and scuba dive, among other activities.

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9 My lesson

The Malecon is Puerto Vallarta’s favorite spot. With the trail hugging the shore, guests can walk approximately a mile long from end to end. Along the way, guests can enjoy the beautiful surroundings of Banderas Bay and jungle-filled peaks. The exemplary Malecon is an incredible place where villagers and tourists meet. It is full of shops, restaurants, art galleries and sculptures. Gourmets can try the mouth-watering cuisines of local and international diners. Plus, guests can take in the beautiful sunsets from the restaurants that offer stunning views of the Pacific.

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8 Vallarta Botanical Garden

Travelers can escape the squabbling of downtown Puerto Vallartas by visiting the Vallarta Botanical Garden, an attractive nature preserve located farther from town. This is the best place for adventurers and nature lovers to find plants such as cocoa, vanilla, cacti and magnolias. This place is home to a kaleidoscopic wildflower display and the most visited public assortment of orchids in Mexico. Having more than plants, guests can go hiking, marvel at the magnificent trees that occupy the area, and soak up the fresh air of Mother Nature. Moreover, visitors to this wonderland can indulge in a tasty feast at renowned restaurants.

seven romantic zone

Also known as the LGTB district, the Zona Romantica is the city’s historic district. Its refined Mexican style, its renovated avenues and its panoramic facades attract tourists from all over the world. Brimming with lavish restaurants, cafes and vibrant nightlife, visitors can hit up a bar or club at sunset to commemorate and dance the dark. With culture and craftsmanship being influential here, visitors can be sure to find plenty of art galleries dating back to 60 years ago, from both local and foreign artists. In this district, you can visit the old farmer’s market, where you can find unique handicrafts from local artisans and fresh produce. Tourists can also devour the tasty dishes of local restaurants and enjoy live music.

6 Banderas Bay

Banderas Bay is one of the most enormous bays in the world. Bandera Bay has over 60 miles of beautiful horseshoe shaped coastline. It has scenic equatorial mountains on one side and golden sandy beaches with rugged cliffs on the other. Home to wildlife such as turtles, hawksbills, dolphins and whales, it’s rare to be in the bay and not see a whale or dolphin. Visitors can also swim, snorkel and capture the spectacular backdrop for special memories.

5 Our Lady of Guadalupe Parish

This church and its monarchy have long been part of the landscape of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. It fascinates travelers from all corners of the globe with its magnificence and the pulse of the Mexican lifestyle. Its shimmering white architecture, charming portraits and elaborate sculptures make it one of the best places to stop. At night, street vendors set up stalls and sell coffee, delicious pancakes and tacos. The activities buzzing around the church at night make it a lovely magnet. Visitors can capture the glorious church for future memories. December 12 is crazy as the city comes alive with embellished floats, melodies, dances and marches to celebrate the feast of Guadalupe.

4 Las Gemelas Beach

With its crystal clear water and soft golden sand, Play Las Gemelas has become a remarkable place for locals and foreigners alike. This stunning beach in the southern part of Puerto Vallarta is fantastic for water activities such as kayaking and snorkeling. Sunbathing, swimming and building sand castles are other activities to enjoy and have a good time. Since the beach gets crowded on weekends, beachgoers who want some solitude can head there early in the morning or on weekdays.

3 Marietas Islands

Islas Marietas is a group of unoccupied islands in Banderas Bay. Its sheer raw beauty and sweeping coastal views make majestic Islas Marietas the precise description of glamour. Visitors can book an excursion with local tour guides and participate in sports like snorkeling, paddleboarding, kayaking, and scuba diving, which are prevalent in this area. Another unusual way to explore Puerto Vallarta is to swim through a thin tunnel and climb into an open-air sculpture that boasts a quiet, well-hidden beach.

2 Mirador Cerro De La Cruz

Taking its name from the giant cross sitting on the hill of La Cruz, nothing comes close to the magic of gazing at this wonderland from the sky. Although the hike to Cerro De La Cruz Lookout is not for the weak, the breathtaking scenery from above is worth it. This trek offers spectacular 360 degree views of Bandera Bay, the city and the Pacific Ocean. Every day, hikers flock to this site to savor the clear sunset.

1 Marine Vallarta

After a tedious day, taking a trip to Marina Vallarta is one of the best ways to spend time here. Besides the docks, Marina Vallarta offers delicious restaurants, shops, and scenic places to stroll. Whether with a loved one or on your own, this beautiful spot is ideal for watching the twilight or strolling and soaking up the relaxing ambience. During the day, visitors can cycle and enjoy the spectacular backdrop of this place. As well as sampling the delicious food at the local restaurants, you can spend the afternoon browsing the souvenir shops and boutiques.

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