12 dishes we must try in Dublin this year

During our travels we have seen countless photos of delicious food products that have been posted by food companies in Dublin. We’ve rounded up 12 of our favorites in a concise list of Dublin-based food porn that should make everyone’s stomach rumble.

With Freedom Weekend behind us, there’s never been a better time to hit the road and tick off some of those must-try dishes you’ve been drooling over since lockdown 9. Here’s a sampling of the dishes that are on the “must try” section of our notes apps:

12. a can of Dó’s Pop’s Potato Curry

Opened in April 2021, a Dó in Malahide has become a bit of a foodie darkhorse. Their Pop’s Potato Curry Box has been on our “must eat” list for a while now, featuring potato curry, roti, coconut yogurt, mint chutney and homemade coleslaw. It’s also vegan if you skip the yogurt on happy days.

You can find a Dó on the new street of Malahide, for more information visit the instagram.

11. M&L Green Beans

A visit to M&L should be high on your list anyway, but no visit to the Cathedral Street spot is complete without ordering the green beans. The treatment of green beans that have been fried with Szechuan peppercorns, ground meat and chili shots, from the M&L team is second to none. Come for the green beans, stay for the handmade pork balls which are simply addictive.

You can find M&L Szechuan on Cathedral Street in Dublin 1 for more information visit the instagram.

10. Kakilang Popcorn Chicken

Kakilang on Bachelors Walk is a bit of a hidden gem along the waterfront. Opened in December 2020, the spot sells everything from bubble tea to viral sensaysh puffed pancakes and tasty Taiwanese cuisine options. Their Taiwanese Popcorn Chicken definitely deserves to be included in this list, the chicken was fried in a light batter with a seasoning of Taiwanese salt and chilli spices, then served with thick fries and any dipping sauce as you like.

You can find Kakilang on Bachelors Walk, for more information visit the instagram.

9. Bakeology Empanadas

Fairly new to the food scene, Bakeology has had a booming business selling Argentinian baked goods. Although they’re probably best known for their dulce de leche filled pastries, they also sell something that wouldn’t often be seen in places in Dublin, empanadas. A puff pastry turnover with a filling, empanadas can be baked or fried. While there are many variations of empanadas, we’d like to try Bakeology’s cooked beef ones.

You can find Bakeology on Meath Street in Dublin 8, for more information visit the instagram.

8. Old Spot Sunday Roast

There’s more than one reason to head to The Old Spot on a Sunday, their Sunday deal being one of them. Their roast is unofficially known as one of the best in Dublin, rare beef, crispy roasts, charred root vegetables, cabbage and cheese topped with gravy and Yorkshire pud. There’s something very special about going out for your Sunday dinner and a real fulfillment in having the means on the weekend to follow through on it.

You can find The Old Spot on Bath Avenue in Dublin 4 for more information visit the instagram.

7. Bahay Mushie Sisig Bowl

Operating out of the back of The Glimmerman, a visit to Bahay can perfectly match the consumption of cold drinks. Bahay has tried loads of Filipino dishes since the food truck opened last year, but leads with a few bowls as they find their feet in the pub. The Mushie Sisig bowl looks fresh, with finely chopped pork belly served with fresh greens and a fried egg.

You can find Bahay at the back of The Glimmerman for more information visit the instagram.

6. Eggs marinated in table wine

If you think of pickled eggs, they don’t sound appealing, they bring a sulphurous aroma to the nose and a squeaky texture to the mouth. But these from Table Wine look absolutely amazing straight from the jar they sparkle, some of them also have a pleasant pink hue which strangely makes them even more appetizing.

You can find table wine on Pleasants Street for more information visit the instagram.

5. Bread 41’s Croissant Benedictine

A few weeks ago, Bread 41 basically caused a rush when they opened the floor of their Pearse Street bakery to the public. Using the many baked goods available to them, the place serves a brunch that includes a Benedictine croissant. Now when you put something in a croissant we’re usually pretty happy, but this one from team 41 sounds really good, two poached eggs, glazed pork, Hollandaise, spinach with a hint of chopped chives .

You can find Bread 41 on Pearse Street in Dublin 2 for more information visit the instagram.

4. Sushi Sakai’s Fried Temaki

Although you may be familiar with temaki, sushi that has been hand-rolled into a cone shape, you may not know that it can be fried. Sushi Sakai on the North Circular Road does God’s work and sells them hot from the fryer, and we’ve been dying to try them since we saw them talking about them on the ‘gram.

You can find Sushi Sakai on North Circular Road for more information visit their instagram.

3. Burger’s Lap Dance Striptease

Opened a few months ago by the good yolks behind Cluck Chicken, Striptease Burger sling burgers and milkshakes from their bright pink food truck in Walkinstown. While all the burgers look like cute fire emoji, a little number called Lap Dance caught our eye. Triple stacked aged beef patties, Dubliner cheese, beef dripping fried onions, crispy bacon, all covered in a “sexy” burger sauce. This burger holds a somewhat special place in the hearts of the strip team, who said that while they were putting together the menu, this burger was the first to make the cut.

You can find Striptease Burger at the Walkinstown roundabout, for more information visit the instagram.

2. Monsoon Papri Chaat

The Monsoon team in Stillorgan are selling something they’ve called “Indian Nachos” and we’re absolutely here for it. A cracker of crispy wheat batter makes the base, which is piled high with a chaat masala spice blend, soft boiled potatoes, chickpeas, yogurt, sweet and sour tamarind chutney and cilantro.

You can find Monsoon in The Hill of Stillorgan, for more information visit the instagram.

1. Library Street Chicken Wing

It’s hard to explain the appeal of mixing high and low cooking styles. Taking something that wouldn’t look out of place in a cardboard bucket and elevating it to a platter synonymous with one of the liveliest restaurants is nothing to sniff at. The skin of the chicken wing is filled with chicken chanterelle mousse, which is steamed then fried in panko breadcrumbs before being expertly cut into thirds and placed on a bright green bowl of tarragon mayonnaise . It looks crispy, succulent and for only €6, worthy of ordering two per person.

You can find Library Street on Dublin’s Setanta Place 2 for more information visit instagram.

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