6 TikTokers You Must Follow


TikTok has become one of the biggest social media follies over the past three years. During this time, there has been an influx of amazing creators who entertain their followers in a number of ways. Some show snippets of their daily routines, perform dance routines, show off their exotic animals, and even flaunt their superior cooking skills.

While it seems like there are too many awesome creators on the app, here are six TikTokers that are sure to be sure to satisfy any desire:

Erika Thompson is a professional beekeeper in Austin, Texas, who shares videos of her many adventures saving bees. Thompson’s videos show she is receiving calls to remove bee colonies from dangerous places to more sustainable habitats. She educates her viewers about the bee lifestyle and how she safely transports them. With over 9.6 million followers, she fascinates many of her fans with her caring nature, courage and calming voice. Thompson always ends his videos with a reminder to help save the bees, promoting the importance of movement.

Dougy (@dougythesheepadoodle)

Looking for a little cuteness on TikTok? Look no further than Dougy.

Dougy is an adorable reverse sheep with cartoonish features. Many of his supporters have compared him to the most popular cartoon dog, Snoopy.

Dougy’s videos show him to be a goofy, playful dog who loves his owner. With his cute black nose, small black eyes and fluffy white fur, Dougy is sure to make fans fall in love.

Newton Nguyen (@triton)

Interested in improving your cooking skills? Nguyen’s cooking videos are just what you need to improve your cooking skills.

He adds tons of originality and humor to his videos which sets him apart from other TikTok chefs. His videos have inspired many fans of the younger generation to cook. The 23-year-old has had a big impact on TikTok, garnering more than 7.5 million followers on the platform.

Remi Bader (@remibader)

As a plus size model, designer Remi Bader spends a lot of time reviewing plus size clothing. She buys several pieces from different brands such as H&M, Free People and Brandy Melville. Bader examines how realistic their clothes are and fit curvy bodies similar to his.

Her videos are exceptionally honest and incredibly hilarious, and they inspire a lot of women, just like her, to feel good about themselves. With 1.9 million subscribers, Bader is an explosion of positivity and greatness that’s needed on everyone’s “For You” page.

David Green (@deadave)

David Green may look like any other teenager on the platform, but his videos are more memorable than others. He has an incredibly dry sense of humor which sets him apart from other teenage designers. Green isn’t afraid to speak his mind, whether it’s a hilarious roast or a controversial opinion.

He has won over a million supporters and will continue to grow with his hysterical impassive comedy.

Julia collins (@ j0mgl0m)

Looking at Julia Collins’ TikToks, one can wonder about her reason. His videos are undoubtedly whimsical and exceptionally bizarre, but they never fail to make people laugh. She’s not afraid to be herself in her content, whether it’s when she covers herself with a blanket and dances, or makes incredibly clever puns.

Although many might call her “weird,” she pursues her unique personality in her fascinating way, making her extremely entertaining.

After a long, hard day, TikTok is here to comfort you with all types of videos. Whether it’s something funny, heartfelt, or educational, the app has everything you need. These six designers will surely fulfill the desires you are looking for and more.


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