A stable investment environment here to stay

The president gave that assurance here yesterday by officiating at the opening of a newly built five-star hotel, the multi-million dollar Gran Melia, which began operations in late 2019.

She said Tanzania has put in place improved investment policies that are favorable to investors, while improving the physical infrastructure of roads, railways, airports, seaports and lake ports so that inventors can operate smoothly in any industry they choose.

“That is why we are encouraging investors to come and invest in various sectors including tourism and hospitality. Tanzania has everything investors need to invest with confidence,” she said.

She described tourism as a vital sector for the country’s economy, as in 2019 the country received 1.5 million tourists, generating more than $ 2.6 billion, which is more than 20% of revenue. total exports, creating 1.6 million direct and indirect jobs.

The launch of the five-star hotel continues to market Tanzania economically, especially in the tourism sector, she said, noting that her presence will further market Tanzanian tourism.

“We have seen how well our national parks are doing globally. All of these investments help boost tourism and the economy as a whole, ”she said.

Returning to the threat of COVID-19, President Samia said the government had received vaccines and continued to encourage the public, including incoming tourists, to get vaccinated, to be assured of considerable levels of immunization. ‘immunity.

She urged potential foreign visitors to visit tourist attractions, expressing assurance that the country is safe for locals and incoming visitors.

“At first, the COVID-19 pandemic posed a number of challenges in various sectors, including the tourism sector which has seen a sharp decline in tourist arrivals,” she explained, noting that after the start of the vaccination campaign abroad and then locally, things have changed.

Security has been tightened and tourists are welcome to visit our attractions, and those who come as investors can initiate any projects they wish, the president said.

Dr Damas Ndumbaro, Minister of Natural Resources and Tourism, said that from January to October of this year, collections in the tourism sector increased by 69 percent compared to the same period last year.

The increase in revenue collection has been helped by government efforts such as encouraging people to get vaccinated, improving air transport and renovating infrastructure in national parks, he explained.

President Samia also issued 90.2 billion / – to revive the tourism sector, to address bottlenecks resulting from the impacts of travel restrictions and loss of income in tourism-related businesses, he said. he declares.

Ali Albwardy, chairman of the Albwardy investment company operating the hotel, praised the government for overseeing an enabling environment attracting investors to launch major projects.

He said the investment group operates 350 hotels in more than 40 countries around the world, adding that in the 40 countries, the group has nine hotels in total. In Tanzania, in association with local hotel groups, the group operates six flagship hotels and lodges on the mainland and in Zanzibar.

The new five-story hotel has 171 rooms of different categories, including a Presidential Suite and eight VIP Suites, the rest being regular rooms.

It sits on the floor of the former Saba Saba Hotel, built in 1978 to accommodate delegates attending the Group of 77 world conference in 1979.

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