Apollonia received a small paycheck for her iconic role

When Prince fans think of Purple rain, we think of his legendary album that accompanied the film. And they think of her onscreen love, Apollonia Kotero. Kid fell in love with her, the character of Morris Day became enchanted with her and many fans loved her too.

The Lake Minnetonka scene is forever etched in people’s minds. Although Prince is the star of the film, Apollonia played a major role, but she only earned a small amount of money.

‘Purple Rain’ with Prince and Apollonia Kotero | Warner Brothers / Getty Images

Vanity was chosen before Apollonia in ‘Purple Rain’

Prince brought Denise “Vanity” Matthews on his team as part of his girl group, Vanity 6. He made her the lead singer, and the trio had success with “Nasty Girl”. But Vanity also had a burgeoning career as an actor. She already had a few movie credits to her credit when Prince’s management team offered her a role in Purple rain.

From Alan Light’s book, Let’s Go Crazy: Prince and the Filming of Purple Rain, she turned it down for money. “They wouldn’t pay me enough money to live with the shit I should have been through,” Vanity said.

Some reports said she asked for $ 1 million and the two sides couldn’t come to an agreement. After her passing, hundreds of women auditioned for the role, and it went to Patricia “Apollonia” Kotero.

Apollonia won $ 30,000 for ‘Purple Rain’

for her Purple rain performance, Apollonia went topless, did some steamy sex scenes, and jumped into sub-zero waters for the Lake Minnetonka scene. When they shot one of the motorcycle sequences the motorcycle fell on top of her and she was injured. Blood has flowed from his leg.

During a recent meeting with VladTV, she shared that her salary for the film was over $ 30,000. Remember, the movie was released in 1983 on a budget of just $ 7 million.

“I won $ 30,000 for the whole movie and I was like, ‘I’m rich. I am rich, I can buy a house for my mother, ”Apollonia said. She also added that she received royalties from Purple rain, but very little”.

Morris Day once said Vlad that he made $ 50,000 for Purple rain but used most of that money to pay for her group that showed up every day.

Apollonia thought she would die on the film set

Although she detailed the motorcycle accident during her conversation with Vlad, Apollonia opened up about her experience of hypothermia on set. She explained it in a 2014 interview with The stream.

The day before the filming of the “Lake Minnetonka” scene, it snowed in Minneapolis. The water was freezing cold, there was ice, and it took four takes to complete Apollonia’s strip bath. An underwater stuntman helped her out because of the mud and ice.

After the fourth stroke, she had to be taken to a tent where a nurse looked after her. Everyone realized that she was hypothermic when she turned black. But Prince gave her some comfort. “And then Prince came in, because I remember feeling his warmth, he held me and he said, ‘Please don’t die. Please don’t die, Apollonia. And her voice kind of broke, ”she recalls.

They called an ambulance for her, and despite the dangerous circumstances, Apollonia remembered that she just wanted to keep filming. These days, she laughs about it. Fans can stream Purple rain on Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple TV, Roku or Vudu.

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