Australian zoo presents its 5 new lion cubs to the public with a sweet video


Taronga Zoo Sydney’s lion pride has increased by five.

The Australian zoo presented its five new cubs to the public on Thursday. The Cubs quintet was born in August. Until recently, baby lions were backstage at the zoo bonding with their mothers.

This week, Sydney’s Taronga Zoo began moving the lion family to their public display in the park, so they were confident and comfortable in their public debut on Thursday. Visitors to the zoo can now spot the five little lions during a visit to the zoo.

For many animal lovers, this won’t be the first time they’ve seen cubs. Fans of the animal family could watch the cubs through Taronga TV’s cubic camera while they were out of display. Through the offspring’s camera, viewers saw the baby animal experience milestones, such as smelling grass for the first time at five weeks old.

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lion cubs

But now visitors to the zoo can see the lions face to face. The five cubs are now 12 weeks old and each weigh around 13 pounds, but they are growing weekly. Taronga Sydney Zoo made a video for lion lovers who couldn’t see the cubs’ debut. The adorable clip shows the lions pawing in their new exhibit and chatting with mum.

Before their debut, the cubs were called Khari, Luzuko, Malika, Zuri and Ayanna.

Taronga Zoo Sydney isn’t the only zoo with an exciting newcomer. The Cleveland Metroparks Zoo recently welcomed the Ohio Zoo’s first baby gorilla in its 139-year history.

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