Bad Bunny dropped $50,000 at Philly’s Sin City nightclub ahead of MIA performance, owner says

Before Puerto Rican rapper and singing sensation Bad Bunny sparked a dance party on the Ben Franklin Parkway on Sunday night, he sparked more euphoria by spending $50,000 on dancers and drinks at Sin City Cabaret Nightclub in the Southwest. West Philadelphia, a very proud owner of the gentlemen’s club said Monday.

“It’s probably one of the highest expenses” by a single patron since the club opened during the pandemic, Gus Drakopoulos said in a phone interview. “He’s a spendthrift. He wants to have a good time.

Even, apparently, the day before a big show. Drakopoulos said Bad Bunny and an entourage of “five to 10” arrived at the club on Passyunk Avenue near 61st Street between 12:30 a.m. and 1 a.m. Sunday, about 9 p.m. before he was due to take the center main stage -ville to Made In America as the first Latinx headliner in the two-day music festival’s 10-year history.

There was no pretension, Drakopoulos said.

“It was just a hello,” he said of his interaction with Bad Bunny. “He just wanted to relax and hang out.”

Why Sin City? Drakopoulos said Bad Bunny was familiar with its predecessor of the same name in the Bronx, which Drakopoulos opened in 2002. He said he was frequented by many entertainers and athletes, including Mike Tyson, Jammie Foxx, Puff Daddy and his own Philly’s Meek Mill. Rapper Cardi B was a dancer there for three years “before becoming a great herself,” Drakopoulos said.

About “20 to 30” dancers from Philly’s Sin City (the one in the Bronx is no longer) benefited from most of Bad Bunny’s early Sunday morning spending, Drakopoulos said. Not all entertained him. “He split the money between his crew to spend,” Drakopoulos said. About $45,000 went to the dancers; the other $5,000 for drinks, he said.

A video of someone with the same build inside Sin City started doing the rounds on Sunday. But the person’s face was mostly covered, so it was unclear who it was. A Bad Bunny spokesperson could not be immediately reached on Sunday.

It was “1,000%” Bad Bunny, Drakopoulos said. He said the world’s most streamed entertainer had most of his face covered in a bandana and wore a hat most of the time he was inside Sin City, which was ‘filled’ with about 250 customers.

Not that there was much interaction with them.

“He was in our VIP skybox” above the ground floor, Drakopoulos said, adding that he was able to see Bad Bunny without covering his face.

He stayed “until the lights came on. It was around 2:30 p.m.,” he said.

It was a godsend for a club owner whose opening was made all the more difficult due to imposed COVID-related restrictions, including occupancy limits and opening hours which were eventually lifted.

“It shows me how much the brand is valued,” Drakopoulos said, noting that “world’s greatest international artist” Bad Bunny could have gone anywhere that night.

Drakopoulos showed the megastar his appreciation.

“We gave him a Sin City hat on the way out,” he said.

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