Biggest TV Prizes No One Has Come To …

The joke around flop finals that pledged to offer big prizes is that the network sometimes pays out $ 1 per viewer.

Earlier this month, only 134,000 metro viewers watched the 10s do it donated $ 100,000 to its winner, accessories maker NSW George. As in almost all cases, the network did not even muster the energy to send out a press release.

Corn do it isn’t the only one in Australian television history to hand out big competitive prizes long after audiences have given up. Be warned Big brother: VIP could be next.

Here are some of the most memorable …

2004 : The Hot House, 10: $ 2,000,000
A catastrophic flop for 10, this ambitious show saw couples build a house on Bribie Island with a stake to win it all, including two cars and a boat. Failing badly against Frasier say again, At home and away and ABC News, the network tried to inject an intruding worker couple (and it’s nicely said) just to shake things up.

2014 : The great adventure, Sept: $ 1,000,000
Part-SurvivorThe partly glorified radio-contest, Seven’s reality TV series had a Fijian backdrop and a lot of moolah. The interest of the show? Competitors had to participate in challenges for the chance to find a golden key, only one of which would unlock a million dollars. Alas, the final was beaten by a repeat of The Big Bang Theory readers ultimately voting it as the “worst show” of the year in the Television Awards Tonight 2014.

2012: I will Survive, 10: $ 250,000
Drag queens competing in an outback bus, hosted by Hugh Sheridan? Yes, there is gold right there. The award included agent representation in the United States and a Broadway showcase opportunity, but only 321,000 logged in to see it unfold. The winner went on to play in The revenge of a blonde at the Sydney Lyric Theater… but Mike Snell where are you now?

2009: The perfect couple from Australia, New: $ 210,000.
What was the point of The perfect couple from Australia hosted by Jules Lund (and you thought we forgot)? Anyone might think this is like doing a show about Australia’s perfect parents. Oh, wait. The couple’s mutual knowledge was put to the test in a contest where their dedication to their partner overshadowed their need to win $ 210,000 in prizes. The other participants won a handycam, an MP3 player and a camera. In the same year Chef gave Julie Goodwin a “paltry” $ 100,000, and 3.7 million Australians listened to that one.

2015 : Restaurant revolution, Sept: $ 200,000
These restaurants were built from shipping containers (who wouldn’t want to eat in one of these?) With Jock Zonfrillo as the “secret critic.” It was not until 11:15 pm that the restaurant 28 St d’Adélaïde was announced as the winner of this restaurant competition. An expensive flop, the show had been reduced from its original plan of multiple nights all week to a single night at 9:30 p.m.

2013: The mole, Sept: $ 180,000
Shura Taft’s rekindled reality contest awarded $ 180,000 at 11:45 p.m. off Broadway – as the finale didn’t start until 10:30 p.m. Despite much enthusiasm upon his return, readers criticized the number of episodes and the lack of weekly eliminations.

2012: Excess baggage, New: $ 100,000
Who wouldn’t be interested in seeing Robert “Dipper” DiPierdomenico, Christine Anu, Darryn Lyons and Ajay Rochester lose weight? Half the country it seems. End of his run on 9GO! for just 44,000 viewers, it was an expensive flop. However Neighbors was 257,000 and Dance School 96,000 in the same multichannel timeslot. Ouch.

2021: do it, 10: $ 100,000.
Even yours thought a craft show would work when our two biggest cities were on lockdown, but it didn’t. 10 postponed this show on Saturday evening when the final was watched by only 134,000 people.

2009: Home made, New: $ 100,000.
This renovation series was actually created by The blockby Julian Cress and David Barbour. But viewers were not keen on giving their homes a makeover during a recession, and the network was forced to take the show off its Sunday schedule after several weeks. Nine had made big promises to her advertisers and ended up showing two episodes on Tuesday, a classic case of “burning”.

2011: Superior design, New: $ 100,000.
Another renovation show, another grand prize that no one has seen awarded. It started with competitors renovating more shipping containers that host Jamie Durie said could double as “innovative and affordable housing.” Say what? Just over 200,000 viewers tuned in for the big arrival, ending after 11:30 pm.

2017: The biggest loser, 10: $ 100,000
To be fair, there have been many very successful seasons of The Biggest Loser, but the “Transformed” season was taken out of prime time and moved to a 1 pm time slot – where its reruns had aired. The live final was broadcast at 11 a.m. in the middle of Studio 10 and was watched by 92,000 viewers – perhaps one of television’s biggest cash gifts during the day?

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