Cabaret artist Tash York returns to Butterfly Club in December


The Tash York cabaret dynamo started 2021 with festivals, sold-out seasons and even plans to return overseas to the Edinburgh Fringe … like everyone else, she thought it was the end of her pandemic woes. As we soon found out, our lockdown was far from over and the star was once again plunged into a world of uncertainty and online gigs.

As the self-proclaimed “Accidental Queen of Lockdown,” York aired to hundreds of viewers most weekends during Lockdown 4, 5 and 6, with the aim of creating a space for the creative community to come together. reunite and feel less isolated. “We ended up having an amazing team of people still connecting and chatting from all over the country. I asked a group of small business friends to donate prizes and then I would give them based on challenges. idiots we could all participate in. I think it kept me (and them) going, because this loss of community was something I missed even more than not working, ”says York.

This year was not what we expected, and for York, after finally getting her life back after 2020, it seemed in some ways to be even more difficult than last year. “Getting in and out was the hardest thing for me, I also found myself a little mischievous with blockages all over the country which coincided with the next time I was performing there including concerts in Bondi, Cairns and vacations in the NT. I even had an online gig for the Ballarat Cabaret festival the same weekend they entered their lockdown, “York laughs.

Finally emerging from the other side of the longest confinement in the world, Tash was determined to find a way to bring together this community that had held her together. As soon as she could, she booked into Melbourne’s iconic “The Butterfly Club” and is now producing a show that will be “Part Christmas Party / Farewell Party Lock Party” called Happy Hour. : Absolutely finished with 2021. The show is breathtaking with harmonies, improvised songs, a hilarious cabaret camp and even the favorite Australian backyard game … Goon Of Fortune! Put on your cheery rags, slip into a reasonable shoe, and step out of your 5km for a show with one of Melbourne’s most beloved cabaret performers, plus performances by Matt Hadgraft, Belinda Hanne Reid and Dean Arcuri. Happy Hour might not solve your problems, but it’s worth it!

Dates & times: December 13 – 18, 8:30 p.m.
Where: The Butterfly Club, 5 Carson Place (next to Little Collins), Melbourne
Tix: thebutterflyclub.comtag

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