Carole’s Big Break – The Republic of Minnesota

Last spring, Netflix’s attempt to create a “Tiger King” docuseries took the United States by storm. A series that followed a community infatuated with Big Cats and all the abstract and unique individuals who also own these Big Cats. Since the docuseries began, a handful of “characters” have become fan favorites and will eventually develop a cult following after the season ends. Some of these characters include: Doc Antle, Carole Baskin, and none other than fan favorite, Joe Exotic.

The number of subscribers these people received is unreal, from shirts with Joe Exotic’s face asking for his release from prison, a plethora of different TikTok trends and dances resulting from the series and the infamy that would later follow Carole Baskin after her death. release, it all culminated in a roller coaster of content known as Netflix’s “Tiger King”.

In the first season, our primary focus was on Joe Exotic’s Zoo and all of the perils and trials he was forced to overcome as a business owner. Eventually, as the season continued, we would see the development of a feud between Joe Exotic and Big Cat Rescue owner Carole Baskin. The two appeared to be at odds for the entire show, and the conflict would only escalate after Joe made a music video, speaking about his alleged theory on how Carole Baskin “killed” her deceased. husband Don Lewis. After the introduction of this clip, there was a change of tone in the docuseries, we went from following the antics of the obscure characters, to a more sinister undertone as audiences try to find out and understand what really is. happened to Don Lewis.

In the second season, we change gears and focus more on the disappearance of Carole and Don Lewis. After the release of the first season, Carole was furious with her appearance in the docuseries. Because of the way she was presented, she received a lot of backlash and hate, which, given her character, you wouldn’t immediately think she would receive that kind of reputation. In addition, Joe Exotic was also arrested and jailed for an attempt to “foul play” on Carole’s life. So all of Joe’s appearances this season were in jail, not in person. Given that Joe is unable to wear the series in the same way he did the first season, the emphasis on Don Lewis’ appearance has been what has worn the majority of this season.

Most fans of the show have speculated about the many ways Carole could have killed her husband; the most popular theory was that she had trapped her husband in a cage and had him eaten alive. However, the second season of Tiger King was pivotal in refuting this dominant community theory. We finally find out that Don Lewis was found spending time in Costa Rica and ultimately this is the last place he was found, exonerating Carole from the crime. Despite this, fans and members of the “Big Cat” community insist that Carole played a role in her demise.

A plethora of different individuals have been included in this season, which has only added to the confusion and seriousness surrounding the subject. In particular, the inclusion of Don Lewis’ three daughters also adds a mysterious heir to the whole story. The three girls are more than convinced that Carole had some influence in her disappearance.

Overall, Carole’s presentation in this second season is almost the worst, despite not really being interviewed at all. In a way, using the contextual images that already exist in addition to statements from all the new cast members, Carole is significantly worse than the first season. She has an unparalleled heir of pride and her “mean” demeanor, unlike her seemingly sweet and innocent persona, leaves room for a very confused and frightened audience.

Overall, Carole’s presentation in this second season is almost the worst, despite the fact that she isn’t really interviewed at all ”

– Artie Graham

Tiger King Season 2 was a very different season from the first. While it doesn’t have the same chaotic tone, it seems to reveal more truth while leaving subtle notes of a sinister undertone. I can’t wait to see how this second season of Tiger King influences audiences, and see what the ramifications ultimately are and see if the season maintains that same cult following after that.

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