Christmas tragedy as dad dies falling from roof while putting up festive decorations

A family suffered the ultimate tragedy after a father fell from their roof while installing Christmas decorations.

Joe Cocco fell from the roof of his Wisconsin home last month, was rushed to hospital where doctors revealed he had broken his neck.

The 31-year-old has undergone several surgeries and is expected to be paralyzed from neck to toe.

However, his condition worsened during his hospitalization and he sadly passed away, leaving behind a wife and two young girls.

According to The sun, a family member recounted that Cocco passed away on December 6, on a GoFundMe page set up to raise funds for his wife and two daughters.

He leaves behind a wife and two children aged 8 and 8 weeks

“Our hearts are struck with the immensity of grief as we have lost an incredible husband, father, brother, son and friend,” the update reads.

“Our families have won another Guardian Angel to watch over us during this unimaginable time.”

Cocco’s stepmother Debbie Stewart told WMBF News that Cocco was planning to surprise his daughters when he fell from the roof.

She said, “Hailey [his wife] was inside decorating and he was outside turning on the lights so he could surprise the girls ”.

The grieving family is preparing to spend their first vacation without Cocco.

Cocco leaves behind his wife Hailey, daughter Gentry, 8, and baby girl Blair, who is only 8 weeks old.

Holiday decorating incidents and injuries are quite common this time of year.

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that in 2019, 14,800 people received treatment for decorating-related injuries.

There are an average of 160 injuries per day during the holiday season.

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