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1067 days later and this glorious album arrives. He finally did it: Drake released a real full album and not just throwaway singles. Will it be as good as many expect it to be, or will it be “average” like a lot of people like to go for something popular these days? This album comes a little less than a week after Kanye West, Drake’s nemesis, released “Donda”, which will obviously have an impact on listening to the album by making listeners alert to any dissent. sent by Ye in this 22 song album.

The ringing of “I Love You” from ear to ear on the first song “Champagne Poetry”, shows Drake’s ability to bring unfamiliar rhythms to life by guiding the light towards this simple but harmonious rhythm. Otherwise, Drake is rapping this song like he usually would: say nothing deep, instead giving us lifelong Instagram captions. The second song, “Papi’s Home”, is my favorite and in my opinion the best on this album. Drake bluntly takes it out on the people who make a living from his successes and failures. He’s basically saying he’s back and giving them something they can finally live on. Drake is giving perhaps his most questionable bar ever on the third track “Girls Want Girls (Ft. Lil Baby)” with him running out of ways to refer to his heterosexuality, now referring to himself as being a lesbian. Besides this bar Lil Baby continues to not miss and gives an excellent verse on this song, about spoiling women and living lavishly. Drake always provides a great chorus throughout the song, singing in his angelic voice over women’s see-through dresses and women’s interest in each other.

Unlike the title, “In The Bible (Ft. Lil Durk & GIVEON)”, Drake did not follow Kanye West by making Gospel music and dedicating his life to the Lord. Rather, he’s about a woman who probably doesn’t know how to control herself and is constantly partying. Lil Durk raps about his practices of Islam and spoils women while GIVEON sings about seeing the good in a woman even though she may seem tainted to others, but GIVEON also sings that he is not so good and has l look scared to show him the real him.

“Love All (Ft. Jay-Z)” is a song you’d listen to on your own on a Saturday night. This is a song in which Drake shows how lonely he is at the top, which most people can relate to at all levels of fame and coming out of isolation the feeling that people are forgetting about you resonates well. with an auditor. Jay-Z’s verse in this song is not needed and if you’ve heard the leaked version of this song, “Lotta 42”, that sounds better as it continues the dark vibe and complements the lonely vibe.

“Fair Trade (Ft.Travis Scott)” will air on a radio station near you over the next few months. This song doesn’t just have the most superstar power; it’s also a good song. Your favorite Instagram model will caption their photo, “Lost Friends and Found Peace” for their next photoshoot on the beach looking at the ocean. Travis Scott gives a great verse with his strong and energetic rap style, keeping the energy going and keeping his fans excited for what is to come with his album Utopia which will be released later this year.

The male anthem is finally here with “Way 2 Sexy (Ft. Future & Young Thug)”. Now every man has a song to play on at all times and feels good about himself. Seriously, this song is fun to listen to. Drake does a great job of dragging his enemies with catchy lyrics about being too sexy for women and other “things.” The clip for this song stars NBA star Kawhi Leonard, who is normally seen as a very reserved and calm person, but who does not act like a character in the clip. “TSU” is another song that will help Drake dominate the airways with its upbeat and melodic lyrics. This song is simply a song by Drake about a woman he visits who dances exotic and how comfortable she makes him. Drake’s personal life isn’t well known, but on “N 2 Deep (Ft. Future)” he raps and sings about himself ready to open up for a specific woman, then takes a bend in the middle with a change of pace with Future and Drake rapping about sex with different women and Drake saying he wouldn’t be going into a deep relationship with another woman.

Drake has probably been with hundreds of women, but apparently he misses one woman in particular and just wants her to come back to him in the track “Pipe Down”. This song is about betrayal and wanting life back to normal, despite to give everything to someone and that is not enough. Not a single word was said by Drake on “Yebbas Heartbreak” which makes sense as this song is short but deeply touches the heart of the listener. With the dark sound of the piano, this song will make you wonder what you did wrong with your ex or make you cry in a happy relationship. With an album made up of 14 different feature films, Drake insists that he has “No Friends In The Industry” and that he has kept the same group of friends his entire career. The high-energy beat of this song will be a song everyone will listen to so they can perform at clubs and parties for the rest of 2021.

21 Savage is vastly underrated but locks in place as a leading rapper on “Knife Talk (Ft 21 Savage & Project Pat)”. Drake starts over by creating another summer hit that has a tricky beat that will be on the radio and blast the speakers in teenage cars. It’s finally here – the trail from diss to Ye. In retaliation to Kanye who tweeted Drake’s address, he said to “Give this address to your driver, make it your destination” Instead of just a message out of desperation. On first listen, this bar would have a lot of people jumping on Twitter tagging Kanye in this bar asking what he was going to do about it. Instead of keeping the energy flow high from the last few songs, Drake, on “Race My Mind,” starts singing, wanting someone to come home and make love to him. This dark song makes the listener miss an ex, wanting him to come back, which many might relate to and want to return to better times in their love life.

Caribbean rhythms are something Drake has dabbled with in the past, most famous on his album “More Life” with various songs with these streams, but on “Fountains (Ft. Tems)” Drake shows his creativity with a Afro-Fusion rhythm which he and Nigerian artist Tems continue effortlessly. Deep in my soul I felt the betrayal that Drake felt in “Get Along Better (Ft.Ty Dolla Sign)” which is probably the best song, if not one of them. This song is something almost anyone can listen to in a dark room, wondering why this person wasn’t there for them when they needed it most. Even though I personally don’t like Rick Ross’ flow and style, “You Only Live Twice (Ft. Lil Wayne & Rick Ross)” is a decent song. I think if it were to drop in the late 2000s it would be a hit, but it’s just not that good compared to the music we have today. This is probably the most “average” song; it’s not the one I would listen to back if I clicked on this album.

This album’s most unexpected feature, Kid Cudi, appears on “IMY2” which was not expected as Kanye and Kid Cudi had a bond with each other, dropping many songs with each other. and even making the album “Kids See Ghosts”. “Drake and Cudi team up on this song with their different styles to make a great track about the need to spend more time with someone. As far as we know, the song called” F ****** Fans “talks about Drake opening up about his relationship with famous artist Rihanna about what he did wrong and the anger she must have felt. Drake ends this album with deep bars on his rise to the top and what it took to be there and how he would keep that. On “The Remorse,” Drake just says what he thinks in a five minute and 51 second jaunt about his current life and how he sees himself and how many others see it.

To say that Certified Lovers Boy was “Mid” or just plain awful is wrong; it just lacks a vibe and clarity about what Drake is trying to deliver in this album. There’s no clear vibe to this song and it seems like it’s just a bunch of random songs that Drake made and put them together for an album. Drake in Views set the tone for Caribbean vibes and heartbreak. In “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late”, Drake dashes into rap and gives a straight bars cold-blooded album. There is no vibe in CLB and while the songs aren’t bad, it lacks an identity to make it a perfect 10/10 album.

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