Emmerdale newcomer Naomi Anderson’s real age exposed amid massive ITV fatherhood twist

Emmerdale’s Resident Vicar, Charles Anderson, is set to rock his world next week as he finally reunites with his long-lost daughter, Naomi, played by actress Karene Peter.

His ex-wife Esme has revealed she had a child 22 years prior, which Charles was unaware of, and months later it’s finally time for the couple to meet.

The next week, Charles is shaken by his son Ethan’s revelation that his sister Naomi is missing. Charles is filled with guilt upon realizing that her disappearance is likely due to his reluctance to meet her, and becomes determined to locate his daughter.

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While searching a bar, Charles is upset when he sees Naomi arguing with her manager and steps in to defend her – pushing her boss in the process.

Charles finally finds his daughter Naomi

Naomi is perplexed when he accidentally blurts out that he’s her father – but how will she react?

Actress Karene may be playing a 22-year-old girl on the soap, but that’s not her actual age.

Speaking to the Daily Star and other outlets about her life away from the ITV Dales, she explained: “I’m 30, I’ve been playing since I was around 18.

Actress Karene plays a 22-year-old in the soap opera

“I just fell into it by accident, to be honest!” she springs. “I was on a gap year in college in retail, the glamorous working life, and I met someone – who’s my very good friend now – who told me to come to theater.

“I was always interested in acting and everything. So I took acting classes and there was an agency affiliated with those classes, and I got signed and fell into things from there . It’s been a long and interesting journey!”

Karene added: “Other than that, I’m really in my physical shape, Kevin [Mathurin] will tell you. I sing too. I feel like a bit boring, I’m just a family oriented girl, so my nephews are my world. I’m really a pretty laid back, laid back person.”

Things quickly get hectic when Charles walks into the pub.

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Karene actually found out about her successful Emmerdale audition while on Sports Direct, as she laughed: “I found out…I was in Sports Direct, nice and glamorous. I got the call from my agent, and I don’t know why – because it wasn’t as a result of an amazing audition or anything like that – but I just had a feeling.

“It was really quite weird. So I got the call and it confirmed that feeling, and here we are!”

Emmerdale airs weeknights from 7.30pm on ITV.


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