Everything Zeb Noland said at his first press conference


Graduate Assistant in South Carolina Zeb Noland came out of the bullpen just over a week ago to help the quarterback’s situation after a starter injury Luc Doty put it in a hard cast and on a scooter. Since then it’s been a whirlwind for Noland, who is in the middle of a competition to perhaps be the starter of the opener.

The Gamecocks have a full-fledged quarterback competition going on with the opener against Eastern Illinois just 11 days away. Doty’s status is very uncertain and Noland, who did his first training rehearsals about a week ago, is competing with Jason Brown, Colten Gauthier and Connor Jordan.

VIP: What Zeb Noland’s dad had to say

A conversation with his father, whom he calls his best friend, reinforced the decision to move from his role as a graduate assistant to one in the field. He regretted how things turned out in the state of North Dakota and doesn’t want it to happen again this time around.

Read everything Noland had to say when he first met the media just below. If you access this story from the Plano’s Proving Grounds bulletin board, click the link to continue reading.

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