Exotic dancer shares ridiculous amount of money she won in a weekend



An exotic dancer has revealed how much she can gain by working out on weekends. Find out for yourself in the video below:

A TikTok user named Heather shared a day in the life video on her account, showing her followers exactly what a night’s work entails.

And that might be enough to convince you to quit your day job, as it seems like there is quite a bit of money to be made.

The artist, who goes by the stage name Rosalee, recently took her followers on a tour of her club ‘The Penthouse Club’, showing what she does with a weekend.

Inside, she shows us the locker room where she is getting ready with the rest of the shift dancers, she then goes down with her co-dancer and waits to be called on stage.

Credit: TikTok / accordingheather

Walking towards the stage, Rosalee explains, “This is the DJ booth; right before I play, I tell him what music I want him to play.”

The next shot then is of his leg, which is now clad in $ 20 and $ 1 bills, adding, “It’s me right after the scene.

“I did a few dances for the people who saw me while I was downstairs.”

Going up the stairs, Rosalee comes across a pile of money sprawled on the floor.

She says, “While I was walking around the set, I met a couple who were getting married the next day and they wanted to make a private room with me.”

Credit: TikTok / accordingheather
Credit: TikTok / accordingheather

After showing the bucket of money the couple “threw at her,” it’s time to point in and Rosalee returns home.

Counting the money on her bed, she reveals how much she’s made in two shifts at the club.

“There were a lot of them,” she says. “As you can see, most were from the private room and the rest were from the stage.

“I worked Friday and Saturday nights and earned almost $ 1,200 (£ 872). “

But when you could look at that and think, “She’s an easy task,” you’d be dead wrong.

I mean, it shouldn’t surprise you that it’s not an easy career, but Rosalee explained how difficult it can be.

Credit: TikTok / accordingheather
Credit: TikTok / accordingheather

In a separate video, she says, “It’s easy money, yes, but not easy work, and I’ll tell you why.

“You face a huge amount of BS every night, customers will test your limits even if you’ve repeatedly told them the rules, people will blatantly miss you, be aggressive with you, and even verbally assault you.

“You’re just here to dance, but a lot of me think you have a price. Safety and management don’t always do their job.”

Adding: “If you are not mentally strong you will be susceptible to body dysmorphia and emotional trauma. You have to dissociate who you are at the club from who you are in real life.


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