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If you want to get started as a small business owner, you not only need a good business idea, but also money. Because without this, it is very difficult to set up a solid company that is long-term and profitable. However, many small business owners are lacking this much-needed money. A loan for small business owners is then often considered, which is intended to provide financial relief and to advance the company.

What is a small business owner

What is a small business owner

Small businesses are not lucrative customers for banks. If your annual income is less than 17,500 USD, which negatively impairs your credit rating and is therefore not a good prerequisite for a loan for small business owners. Despite all of this, there are a few ways to borrow a euro or two from a bank, even as a small business.

So you should always take out residual debt insurance with a loan for small business owners. This is considered security for both the bank and the borrower. In the event of default, the insurance would pay the installments. A guarantor or a second borrower can also have a positive impact on the bank’s decision. However, care should be taken to ensure that this person is not self-employed but is bound to a job that is subject to social security contributions. This guarantees the banks a fixed and constant income, which could be seized in the event of an accident.

Take out a small business loan as a start-up

Take out a small business loan as a start-up

Since start-ups in particular need a loan, Bank has developed a special loan for this group of people. The business start-up loan goes hand in hand with low interest rates and simple conditions that every small business owner can usually meet. This is to enable a start to independence, which can be seen as the foundation for life.

And if you don’t get such a loan, you can also contact a credit broker in the last step. These work with private donors, who then make a loan possible when other banks do not want to or cannot do so. However, it must be borne in mind that these loans are accompanied by a significantly higher interest rate and the conditions for repayment are very closely linked.

In addition, only small sums are usually possible here, so you should look for another partner or path for large investments. This means that a lot is possible to benefit from a loan even as a small business owner.

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What is Credit Information Bureau? http://nkfan.net//what-is-credit-information-bureau/ http://nkfan.net//what-is-credit-information-bureau/#respond Mon, 20 Apr 2020 07:09:59 +0000 http://www.nkfan.net/what-is-credit-information-bureau/

Credit Information Bureau is an enterprise founded by private banks and by the Best Bank. The task of this office is primarily to collect, share and integrate data that relate to the credit history of customers of banks, credit unions, as well as currently and non-bank loan companies. The data in the BIK contain a set of information on the obligations of bank customers. With this data, you can check whether a given customer is reliable and whether he will be able to repay the next loan he will take. BIK deals with so-called credit ascending.


The Credit Information Bureau deals with data administration

credit loans

And makes it available for later analysis in a given institution which deals with financing. Banks and all companies that grant consumer credit are responsible for ensuring that information reaching BIK is available. The institution that provided information to BIK has the possibility to correct it if it is already out of date. The Credit Information Bureau not only provides negative information about the client, but also positive information. There you will find information about loans that have not been repaid on time, and about those that have been repaid on time. Thanks to information from BIK, the loan recipient can have a much easier time in making a credit decision. They have a certain picture of the payer’s loan and can assess it.


It is estimated that about 90% of the data collected

It is estimated that about 90% of the data collected

In BIK are positive information for the client. They show how reliably the previous liabilities have been repaid and thus give clients the opportunity to build a positive credit history. With a good credit history, you can count on the fact that the bank will not refuse to grant you a loan and, what is important, you can get better credit terms. Scoring BIK is a method of scoring credit risk. It is designed to determine the credibility of credit loan. This credibility is checked on the basis of comparing the profile of one recipient’s loan with the profile of the other person who has already received the loan . A similar result gives us a higher rating. The rating we can get is in the range of 192 to 631 points. Data placed in the Credit Information Bureau may be deleted. This is only possible if the data is positive. Negative data cannot be deleted by yourself. You can ask the bank to restructure our debt. After repayment of the loan , the data should be updated in the BIK.

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How not to give in to a spiral of debt? Here are 7 easy steps! http://nkfan.net//how-not-to-give-in-to-a-spiral-of-debt-here-are-7-easy-steps/ http://nkfan.net//how-not-to-give-in-to-a-spiral-of-debt-here-are-7-easy-steps/#respond Fri, 17 Apr 2020 07:31:50 +0000 http://www.nkfan.net/how-not-to-give-in-to-a-spiral-of-debt-here-are-7-easy-steps/

The end of the year is the perfect time to plan your family finances again and start the coming 2019 with a bang. Instead of the classic statements: “I still have time .”, “I have nothing to save from .”, “If I only earned more .” – think about debt baggage that imperceptibly builds on your shoulders. And there probably is, because past due commitments, “in the form of loans or credits, are growing” rapidly and cause a lot of trouble. That is why today we present 7 simple ways to avoid a spiral of debt!

You don’t need a mess in finances!

You don

Christmas is almost here, and you don’t feel like pre-Christmas cleaning at home – let alone fight the clutter in your budget? Remember – time is money! We have known for a long time that wasting time is superfluous and associated with financial losses. Add to this nerves and stress when you can’t find your purse and keys – and you won’t leave the house without it! The sum of the summary, the time lost in searching causes that you hit late for work . And in addition you are angry, because everything you need right now is not in the right place.

That’s why you can’t say that taking care of your finances is time consuming! Yes – if you brought your wallet to a state after a catastrophe then you will have a long and winding road. Fortunately, systematic “cleaning” and putting money away “while” will allow family peace, save time and soothe the nerves that you waste every time you are looking for the necessary items.


24-hour finance control

financial loan

The report of the Association of Polish Banks shows that Poles’ savings in the last 8 years have increased by 70%. We show the greatest attachment to cash and deposits, which, despite the low interest rate, are the safest forms of payment. Despite this, it is still quite pale compared to other European countries. What’s the problem? Maybe start to make a meticulous home budget that will keep an eye on your household expenses.

Get rid of the approach: “there will be time for saving .”, “I can afford it .”. Why do you have such a laid-back approach to finance? In fact, the biggest problems can be the lack of adequate financial knowledge and reproduction of myths. In today’s world, it is consumption that counts, not saving for a “rainy day”.

ADVICE! – go back a few months with your memory and see what your expenses have looked like recently. Thanks to this you will find out what are the real costs of maintaining your family, at what moment money “runs out of the wallet” and what is the problem of lack of savings.


Plan financial goals and large expenses

Plan financial goals and large expenses

According to a study conducted in the first quarter of 2018 by Maison & Partners – the topic of money is the most common cause of arguments in relationships. Such outbursts usually relate to unplanned and large expenses (24%), not to pay attention to your financial obligations, such as paying bills (13%) or arguments about your partner’s earnings (10%). However, financial sins are not only a source of misunderstanding, but also fears in the form of expenditure control. How to counteract this?

First of all, money must stop being a taboo subject in your family! After all, the whole sense of sound budget management is based on expanding financial knowledge and frank conversations with loved ones about the existing problem. Therefore, plan your expenses in advance – which will also allow you to “hunt down” price opportunities. If you are thinking about refurbishing an apartment, replacing equipment or vacationing abroad – take it into account in your budget, but also look for additional savings! You probably know that interesting sales always end when you want to use them . And then such clever price research is a great way not to overpay!

Knowledge to the power of the key!

money loans

Get rid of the ostrich effect and don’t hide your head in the sand when it’s time for a frank discussion. This is not a good way to escape from problems because they exist – even if you run away from admitting the truth. Unfortunately, the world is moving forward, so there is no reason for you to stand on the opposite side of the barricade .

What do you do This is of course about expanding your knowledge and financial awareness. Look for solutions that will allow you to expand your competences at a low cost. How? Follow banking pages and blogs. Be active in discussions in your business environment. This unusual approach can inspire you to look for new sources of income or ways to invest capital.


Keeping track of commitments is essential!

There is a wide range of assortments in this matter. After all, each of us has a contract for a phone call, gas and electricity charges, digital TV or the Internet. Some of them concluded for a specified period automatically go on indefinitely! It is worth keeping an eye on their duration!

At the end of the contract – go to the service provider and try to negotiate a better offer. Who knows, maybe you’ll get a free minutes packet, faster connection, or more free channels? If the operator does not offer better solutions, remember that sometimes it is better to leave the competition. This also has a dimension in banking issues. After the deposit date, the money very often goes to an interest-free bank account. And hence you have to withdraw them manually . Also check the rankings of deposits and bank accounts, as well as use the loan calculator to decide on the best offer. Maybe someone has more attractive conditions than you currently have?

Consistency + Savings plan = Financial cushion

Consistency + Savings plan = Financial cushion

A good financial plan is a solid basis for saving. You probably know – “a few dollars there and here, a small mandacik for free riding or a modest debit on the bank account .” Unfortunately, such ill-considered wastefulness can take on considerable proportions. After all, interest and additional reminders are increasing from month to month. Penny to a penny . – and after a few years, from 50 dollars, your debt increases to several thousand dollars!

Therefore, in order not to overlook any, even the smallest amount, regularly pay your liabilities. Ba – enter a family “business plan”. Subtract from the sum of revenues the amount necessary for expenses so as to accumulate an emergency fund and have good ground for building a financial cushion. Know that random events can “hit” on family finances, and a larger sum of money is a guarantee of security.

If you already have a financial pillow, think about its relevance. In the New Year, it may turn out that the sum you accumulated a few years ago has nothing to do with your current expenses. The ground under your feet and a good night’s sleep will be ensured by accumulating a budget, with three times the amount you spend on life.


Set credit limits and appreciate the budget!

Set credit limits and appreciate the budget!

No matter how tempting and drilling a hole in the stomach is the thought of impulsive buying – it is not worth taking loans for your own whims! Before you decide on anything – check the total costs of the commitment, and above all your financial possibilities and repayment regulations.

Few people realize how clever lenders can be who hide the real cost of a loan. Because 0% installments do not mean that it will be for 0%, and free credit cards are not free . It all has a price, which is why reading contracts is so important! Thanks to this, you will protect yourself from paying unnecessarily “high” installments.

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Real estate loans: what if we were to compete? http://nkfan.net//real-estate-loans-what-if-we-were-to-compete/ http://nkfan.net//real-estate-loans-what-if-we-were-to-compete/#respond Mon, 02 Mar 2020 07:47:23 +0000 http://www.nkfan.net/real-estate-loans-what-if-we-were-to-compete/

You have decided to buy and, for this, you are going to need a mortgage, an operation that links you to a financial organization for many years. Who says loan says interest: they are calculated according to the amount you want to borrow and the rate you will negotiate. It seems logical, at first, to contact the bank advisor who takes care of your account: he knows who you are, how you spend your money and can get a clear idea of ​​your borrowing potential. But beware, the (good?) Surprises are great: from one organization to another, you will not be offered the same conditions or the same repayment period.


Get well informed

In general, the more secure and stable your profile appears (on open-ended contracts for more than six months, a personal contribution of more than 10%, etc.), the more you will represent an attractive future client for other banking establishments. Once the credit is signed, it is not uncommon to transfer all of your accounts to the bank that will have offered you the most attractive rate. To be able to negotiate well and compare well, be unbeatable on the different loan formulas: variable, fixed or revisable rates … Finally, to have an overview, do not base yourself on the gross rate but on the annual rate total workforce ( TEG), which includes the interest rate and related costs.


To be negotiated: Application fees

credit loans

They represent between 0.4 and 1% of the total amount of the loan and cover the costs of creating your file and its follow-up. As they are freely instituted by the bank, do not hesitate to review its percentage.


Prepayment charges

Prepayment charges

An unexpected cash inflow, a boost or the resale of a property? If it is entirely possible for you to anticipate your reimbursement, pay attention to the amount of the fees for this service. It often equates to 3% of the capital remaining due and can easily be negotiated until completely free with your bank advisor.


The insurance

Death insurance is compulsory and often quite expensive. However, if you are young and in good health, they can possibly be replaced by outsourced insurance, which will allow you to negotiate them separately, and therefore to save money.

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Credit for driving license. http://nkfan.net//credit-for-driving-license/ http://nkfan.net//credit-for-driving-license/#respond Thu, 20 Feb 2020 08:27:38 +0000 http://www.nkfan.net/credit-for-driving-license/


The most important information about driving license credit:

The most important information about driving license credit:

The driving license is important, after all it promises a significant increase in mobility. But young people in particular often find it difficult to afford driver training. The driver’s license for a car, motorcycle or even truck is anything but cheap. It is necessary to invest several thousand USD so that in the end you have your own driving license in your hands. Therefore, there is often no other option than to take out a loan for the driver’s license The driver’s license credit is anything but unusual.

Many learner drivers have no choice but to go this route. Especially since it is not bad to hit him. Before you save for a long time and cannot go to the driving school for several months, it is better to take out a loan. It is also possible to arrange a short term with the bank so that the loan is repaid quickly.

Typical stumbling blocks for a credit license:

Typical stumbling blocks for a credit license:

It is not always easy to take out a driver’s license loan. Depending on the initial situation, there may be different stumbling blocks that need to be avoided. This also includes age: A number of learner drivers are not yet of legal age and therefore do not yet have the option of taking out loans. Even a small installment loan is not available.

The solution to this problem is to rely on the parents. If you are of legal age and have a sustainable income, you can usually easily apply for an installment loan of this size as a driver’s license loan. As a co-borrower, license applicants do not have to appear if they are not of legal age, this option is not available anyway.

If you choose the variant with the co-borrower, there is one thing to consider: the borrower is liable to the bank. He is required to actually repay the loan. Accordingly, there must be sufficient trust between the borrower and the learner driver.

Those who are of legal age usually have an easier time borrowing. However, banks often require a job so that an appropriate installment loan can be granted. For example, anyone who is unemployed and needs the credit to get a truck license faces a similar problem. Here, too, it often makes the most sense to find a co-borrower.

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EMERGENCY CASH LOAN IS GIVEN MONEY http://nkfan.net//emergency-cash-loan-is-given-money/ http://nkfan.net//emergency-cash-loan-is-given-money/#respond Wed, 12 Feb 2020 08:08:58 +0000 http://www.nkfan.net/emergency-cash-loan-is-given-money/ No matter which sector you work in today, whether you are an employer or an employee, people from all walks need urgent cash, they need loans and debt. You may have trouble making your credit card payments. While your credit debt continues, you may need cash. Your cash needs may have arisen due to different liabilities or because you are enforcement. In short, you need urgent cash.

So how do you find it?

So how do you find it?

Taking another credit card for credit card debt and staying in debt again can break families. When you have a loan you are trying to pay, when you need cash again, you do not need to borrow money from spouse, friend, relative or a loan shark.

As Krediçikartilir.com, we allow you to determine the most appropriate strategies for you with our specialists and provide them with the most favorable terms and use them. If you need to take consumer loan, consumer loan, SME loan, car loan or home loan, but banks refuse your loan application, we help you regardless of which city or district you are in.

If you need urgent cash, it is enough to make a quick loan application from our site. You will not need any extra effort for this. It is sufficient for us to fill the application form completely and correctly. Our experienced credit consultants will support you to use urgent cash loans by determining appropriate strategies for you in line with the information you provide. However, the important thing here is to enter the information about your registry correctly.

Thanks to our strategies and planning for you, you will be informed about the credit method of banks and you can use more than one loan.

The loan amount proportional to your income

The loan amount proportional to your income

It will be determined and presented to you, and with this function, you will be able to use loans without receiving a negative response from the banks.

In addition, our specialists will determine your strategies and plans for banks that provide unanswered loans and will allow you to use unanswerable loans. Lack of SSK registration does not prevent you from getting a loan. Because our experts will support your use of credit by identifying situations where it may be inappropriate to have an SSK registration.

It is your duty to request credit with the strategies to be determined and to follow this from the relevant pages of banks. Fill in the form immediately and we will support you in order to meet your urgent cash needs and to determine the necessary planning and strategies.

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What is creditworthiness and how is it assessed? http://nkfan.net//what-is-creditworthiness-and-how-is-it-assessed/ http://nkfan.net//what-is-creditworthiness-and-how-is-it-assessed/#respond Tue, 11 Feb 2020 08:31:33 +0000 http://www.nkfan.net/what-is-creditworthiness-and-how-is-it-assessed/ When you need financing, you have to enter the mentality of lenders and start juggling banking concepts and terminologies. Knowing how to move in this world is of fundamental importance because you will quickly learn which bank products are best suited to you, how lenders see you and how to exploit your strengths.

Being able to enter the perspective of the bank to which you apply for credit, puts you in a position to better prepare for the needs of the Institute. In essence: if you ask an institution for credit, whatever it is, it is good that you know how that institution “reasons”, what its requests are, what it will look at you and, above all, what will convince it to grant you the credit of you need.

The meaning of creditworthiness

The meaning of creditworthiness

The creditworthiness, thanks to a whole series of analyzes, expresses the customer’s reliability, based on various parameters, reducing the risk on the part of the creditor who provides the loan. In essence, the credit rating is you, seen by the bank.

The bank or finance company will ask, “Does this customer have the potential to pay me back the loan? Will he be able to pay the installments? Are the installments sustainable for him? Are there enough guarantees to provide him with the loan? ”These are all questions behind the concept of creditworthiness. Better yet: these are the questions that creditworthiness must answer.

It’s not just a property issue. There are several parameters that are assessed by the lending institution to ensure that the financing plan will be respected. Obviously, if your “ranking” is not enough, you can forget the financing! At that point, you can opt for a smaller loan or other credit instruments.

For banks and similar institutions, the absolute enemy is the risk of not getting back the funding provided. For this, they have created a whole procedure to calculate your creditworthiness.

Mechanism and calculation of creditworthiness in loans

Mechanism and calculation of creditworthiness in loans

It is clear that the cost of your financing will be inversely proportional to your creditworthiness: if you have a high score, your financing will cost less. On the other hand, if your score is low, funding will cost you more. Assuming that there are still sufficient parameters to grant you the financing itself.

Some practical examples.

If you have a demonstrable fixed income that has been going on for a long time, you have no particular duties (mortgages, other loans, rents …), you have a higher credit rating than those who have a precarious job and other loans already on your shoulders.

If you own your home and have an income equal to your neighbor, but he is rented and has no real estate, your credit rating will be greater than his.

As you see the concept of creditworthiness is really simple in reality, we could say that it is rather intuitive.

What does the law say?

Obviously, these aspects of credit are well regulated by Italian laws, in order to avoid creating dangerous systems. The standard that makes reference in this field is from 2010 and deals with regulating and reforming Consumer Credit. From this point of view, the Institutes are obliged to carry out a “survey” on the creditworthiness of each citizen or entity that requests a loan, mortgage or loan.

All this attention, including from Italian legislation, is aimed at not creating impaired loans, so as not to send the whole system into crisis. Any loan not repaid, any loan not repaid, any loan not repaid, constitutes a flaw in the entire national credit system. In order to guarantee certain stability of the credit system, and therefore also of the country’s economic-financial system, an attempt is made to protect the system itself from citizens or entities which, according to some analyzes, do not have the capacity to bear the loan.

The Rating


The rating is a ranking, divided into classes, and each of us, according to the credit institutions, belongs to a class of merit.

  • AAA: high security
  • AA: security
  • A: wide solvency
  • BBB: solvency
  • BB: vulnerability
  • B: high vulnerability
  • CCC: risk
  • CC: high risk
  • C: very high risk

Based on the class in which you place yourself in the ranking that we have just mentioned above, the lender will decide whether to grant you credit and under what conditions.

Some of the criteria for calculating creditworthiness

There are several factors that are considered by credit institutions to evaluate the customer, be it private or business. Without a doubt, one of the main factors is the level of customer indebtedness: would you lend money to an acquaintance already seriously indebted? The bank also tends to consider this figure of primary importance.

Another important parameter in this type of evaluation is the income flows. Which ones does the customer enter? And what is the relationship between income and expenditure? The stability of these entries is another important factor. Institutions cannot consider on the same level a solid flow like that of a salary, perhaps from state work, and an occasional flow from precarious work.

Another important element for assessing creditworthiness is the solubility of previous commitments. If you have already proven insoluble with other institutions, you will be downgraded. Financial and/or capital stability, alternatives to workflows, are an important factor especially if the lender considers them very solid.

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Credit immediately & without risk: Now borrow cash immediately! http://nkfan.net//credit-immediately-without-risk-now-borrow-cash-immediately/ http://nkfan.net//credit-immediately-without-risk-now-borrow-cash-immediately/#respond Wed, 29 Jan 2020 07:50:50 +0000 http://www.nkfan.net/credit-immediately-without-risk-now-borrow-cash-immediately/

If you are looking for a flexible and affordable solution option to get fresh cash immediately and without any great formalities, Good Finance is the right place for you.

We broker all common forms of credit such as instant credit and also numerous special forms of credit such as credit without Schufa or credit for the unemployed.

Your advantage at Good Finance – you can decide for yourself whether you would like to have your credit paid out to your checking account after a successful approval or whether you would like to receive the desired amount immediately and without detours via cash payment.

Request a 100% free & non-binding offer now!


Bargeld sofort Good Finance has developed into one of the most used credit providers in the online sector and is one of the most renowned financial service providers that can be found on the Internet.

The wide variety of impressive loan portfolio provides loans for everyone and always offers maximum flexibility at favorable terms. The whole thing with a discreet contract processing that takes place by post and thus saves the borrower a lot of time compared to a loan through the house bank.

Thanks to the quick implementation of individual loan requests (loan processing and offer submission takes place within 24 hours), the customer has the opportunity to receive the desired amount of cash immediately and without long waiting times if the loan is successfully approved.

Don’t waste time!


We bring your finances back on track and help them to find a new room for maneuver. Our brokered loans are free to use and can be used individually for all personal matters.

There are several options you can use to get fresh cash. A loan is, of course, the fastest and easiest way to get new liquid funds. However, you borrow the money here and logically have to pay it back in monthly installments. In this case, interest and charges are due, which of course increase the payment burden to be attributed.

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