First Look at Milwaukee’s Immersive “Beyond Van Gogh” Exhibition


The immersive “Beyond Van Gogh” exhibit has finally arrived in Milwaukee. The exhibit will open to the public on Friday July 9 at the Wisconsin Center, where it will run until September 19.

Digital and multimedia art museums like “Beyond Van Gogh” have grown dramatically in recent years and have captured the attention of the public all over the world. This exhibition has toured the world from Paris to Toronto, Tokyo and more. After great success in Europe, the exhibition crossed the ocean to North America.

It officially made its North American debut in Miami earlier this year and is expected to welcome more than a million guests in the 17 cities slated for 2021. So far, the Milwaukee exhibit has already sold over 53,000 tickets before opening day.

“Beyond Van Gogh” was created by French-Canadian director Mathieu St-Arnaud and his team at Studio Normal in Montreal. The exhibition is a combination of movement, light and sound to illustrate a haunting portfolio of Van Gogh’s work and a timeline of the life of the tortured artist. The exhibition takes up what the public knows about Van Gogh and goes deeper, breathing new life into his work through a digital medium that engages the senses.

04/12/2021 – Beyond Van Gogh – Miami – Visual Studio

According to Fanny Curtat, consultant to ‘Beyond Van Gogh’ art historian, the technological aspects of the show could change the way people experience art in the future and take a step forward to adapt. to new audiences:

“My goal is for this to provide an alternative gateway to the art world. Sometimes people can feel intimidated by museums or feel like it’s not for them. When you have an experience like this, I think everyone can feel the power of their work, the power of their colors, and maybe hopefully people will develop that connection through it and it. next time there is a Van Gogh exhibition in their city or somewhere near them, they will be curious to see it, ”said Curtat.

Customers will first enter a Education room. This piece features colorful panels and stretched gold frames to add to the aesthetic and larger-than-life look of her work to tie it all together. This room serves as a first look into Van Gogh’s mind, providing biographical information, quotes and works to better understand the artist and the important elements of his work, connecting him to the present.

“It was important that this first room be more educational, not in a very factual way, there are facts about his life but there are also a lot of notions about what is still relevant in his work today, that can we still as The 21st century audience appreciates his work, so it is the joy, the power, the color, the inspiration of what he experienced and managed to transform into what we see today ‘ hui, ”Curtat said.

8/7 / 2021- Beyond Van Gogh, Milwaukee- Emily Prochaska

From there, customers will enter the Cascade Room. It serves as a gateway that guides people from the education room to the experience room. It has splashes and splashes of color that cascade down the wall and morph and morph sporadically into one of the artist’s self-portraits.

The experience room This is where the guests will become one with the paintings and will be transported into his work. Here, over 300 of his works can be seen, including beloved classics such as “Starry Night” and “Sunflowers”. It uses over 4000 billion pixels of content in multidimensional projections as well as a carefully curated musical score that includes narration and music from contemporary artists such as Miles Davis, Pat Metheny and Max Richter.

Van Gogh Exhibition - Experience Room
8/7 / 2021- Beyond Van Gogh, Milwaukee- Emily Prochaska

“Beyond Van Gogh” is truly a wonder that could change the way people of all ages experience art for years to come. The projections of The Experience Room dance along the walls and floors, appearing and disappearing as if they are gradually being caressed by the artist himself. The images along the walls change shape and color, drifting along the walls and dancing under your feet before transforming into something entirely different. Portraits flashing at you, lily petals falling from trees and blowing across the ground, the Van Gogh experience envelops you in a world of art and light and shows you Van Gogh’s work in a way that you’ve never known before. The rooms are calming and yet so impactful. His work is timeless and this exhibition proves it.

The exhibit has something for everyone to enjoy, whether they are just children who engage in their work trying to catch moving objects thrown on the floor. He has something to learn and engage in for all age groups, bringing a wider audience into Van Gogh’s world and developing a deeper understanding and appreciation for his work.

The exhibition will now be open Sunday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. and from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays.

Tickets can be purchased at Timed entry tickets for adults (16 and over) cost $ 36.99. Timed entry for children (ages 5-15) is $ 23.99. There is also flexible entry (can arrive up to two hours before or after the start time shown on your ticket) for $ 53.99 and VIP tickets (flexible entry, priority access to the exhibit and a package deal). merchandise) are $ 93.99. Entrance tickets for students / seniors / military (valid ID required. Students under 25, seniors 65 and over and military) cost $ 32.99.

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