Five-day ‘Sibi Mela’ kicks off – Breaking News – The Nation

SIBI – An annual five-day ‘Sibi Mela’, a grand historical festival decorated with all the colors of national unity, regional culture and peace was launched on Friday to showcase local culture, in addition to exotic and exotic species of animals. The “Sibi Mela” is celebrated in Balochistan as a festival attended by a large number of people not only from the province but also from other parts of the country. This will continue until March 8. Sibi Mela not only provides a platform for local farmers and businessmen, but also a source of income for them. The Sibi Mela is also an attractive opportunity to take stock of achievements in agriculture, animal husbandry and push them forward with new determination, a Mela organizer said. Apart from exhibiting, selling and buying livestock, agricultural and industrial exhibitions are also held on this occasion, he added, adding that through this festival, people have also had the opportunity to practice better recreational activities. To make this event a success, various cultural events are held including flower show, national song contest, folk dances, motorbike jumps, horse dances and exhibition of animals like camels, buffaloes and cows, in addition to displaying agricultural and industrial products.

Inaugurated by Chief Minister Abdul Quddus Bizenjo, the Mela has attracted a large number of local political leaders, members of civil society and students, among others. Sibi Mela is a cultural festival that has been held since the 15th century and takes place at the end of every winter and before the advent of the spring seasons. Through this fair, the wealthy of the province get a better market for their livestock where buyers from all over the country buy good and rare breeds of animals in this fair. The Prime Minister appealed to the people to fully participate in this historic celebration and also expressed his best wishes for the best organization of Sibi Mela.

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