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The Fleetwood Community Theater will announce the production of the comedy “Sweet Delilath Swim Club” at the Evergreen German Club in Fleetwood on October 15, 16 and 17.

“Nonprofits that help each other are the best partnership. It is in the mutual interest of both. – Mikawenzel, President of Fleetwood Community Theater

Fleetwood Community Theater, a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit voluntary organization for theatergoers, now in its 33rd season, has partnered with The Evergreen Club in the aftermath of the outbreak since August 2020. Evergreen offers spaces and concessions. The community theater offers entertainment on weekends.

“It has been a great partnership for our organization. Each of us has presented our members with new businesses and opportunities. Exposure to something new is always a positive move in the non-profit sector of our business. Helping each other out is the best kind of partnership, said Mikawenzel, president of Fleetwood Community Theater.

The Sweet Delilah Swim Club will only be held on weekends at 7:30 p.m. on October 15 and 16 and at 3:00 p.m. on October 17. All performances will take place under the Evergreen Club pavilion at 415 Hartz Road in Fleetwood. A heater is provided for added comfort, but don’t hesitate to bring a blanket and robe depending on the weather. One hour before the show, the restaurant doors will open.

Originally titled “The Dixie Swim Club,” “Sweet Delilah Swim Club” is a new comedy by Jesse Jones, Nick Pope, and Jamie Wooton set in a seaside cabin in Outer Banks, North Carolina.

Five southerners, who formed friendships with a varsity swim team many years ago, took a long weekend in August to recharge their relationships. Freed from work, husbands, kids, and work meet at the same beach cabin, Sweet Delilah, catch up with each other, laugh and interfere.

The storyline focuses on four weekends and spans 33 years.

Cheerful team captain Sheree, played by Laura D Stewart (Reading), continues to be the leader of the group, desperate to maintain an organized and “perfect” life.

Katie DeCario (Macungie) plays Dinah, a wise director. Despite being a career dynamo, her court victory stands in stark contrast to the frustration in her personal life.

A very spoiled and outspoken Lexi, portrayed by Melissa Mountain (Brandon), is determined to keep her looks and youthful for as long as possible. She loves to get married over and over again.

The atrocious and disgusting Vernadet, portrayed by Tara Sands (Fleetwood), is keenly aware of the dark clouds in her life. She simply gave up and decided to accept the chaos.

Sweet and delicious Jerinir, played by LeAnne Zettlemoyer (Kempton), has a late entry into motherhood and surprises them all.

Buy your tickets at fleetwoodcommunitytheatre.com/tickets. Student tickets (K-12) are $ 10 online and $ 12 on show days. Adult tickets are $ 12 online and show days are $ 15.

The Fleetwood Community Theater is committed to educating and developing the members of the performing arts program by providing opportunities for all age groups, both on stage and backstage. As an outlet for quality musical, dramatic and ensemble works, we encourage and support local youth in pursuing opportunities in the performing arts in schools, churches, colleges and other local works. .

For more information, please visit fleetwoodcommunitytheater.com or visit www.facebook.com/FleetwoodTheatre on Facebook.

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