Former stripper claims she was sent home multiple times because ‘too many black girls’ were working


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A Texas stripper is taking legal action against two strip club owners who she says racially discriminated against her while working at their clubs.

Chanel Nicholson claimed that while working at four different strip clubs in Houston, owned by brothers Ali and Hassan Davadri, she was sent home several times during her shifts and was given said she couldn’t dance because there were “too many black girls” working. those nights. Nicholson said two of the strip clubs also refused to hire her again because she was black.

“At that point, I would just take it,” she told the Houston Chronicle. “I’m pretty, I smell good, I make sure I do it every time. I can’t rub my skin.

Nicholson and a few other black strippers who said they went through the same thing joined Nicholson in filing a federal class action lawsuit against the Davadri brothers accusing them of intentional racism from 2017. Nicholson is asking for lost wages and damages -interests in the context of the lawsuit.

“Every other black girl I’ve danced with has been through this,” Nicholson said. “We’ve all been through it, but we’re just dealing with it. Any really beautiful black woman dancing if you see her at a low end club it’s because she can’t get into the high end.

The Davadri brothers own Centerfolds Houston, Solid Platinum Cabaret, Splendor Gentlemen’s Club and The Cover Girls. They are accused of violating the Civil Rights Act of 1866 which states that all citizens must have the same legal rights as white citizens to enter into and perform contracts.

Nicholson, who worked in these clubs from 18 to 24, now runs a non-profit organization that helps women undergo medically necessary cosmetic surgeries.

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