Four dancers from ‘Joseline’s Cabaret’ file $25 million lawsuit against Joseline Hernandez for brutal assault

Several dancers who have appeared on Joséline Cabaret are suing the reality TV personality, her boyfriend ballistic beatsand the Zeus Network in a massive $25 million lawsuit that alleges assault and battery.

Like before reportedcast member Amber Ali revealed that Joseline Hernandez and Ballistic brutally skipped the women backstage during the season two reunion special. Additionally, she claims security stopped the dancers from fighting back so the couple could “get licked.”

After reigning terror for three consecutive seasons on the show, Hernandez is finally facing legal action for his antics.

The dancers claim they walked onto the set in high heels for the reunion taping, but Hernandez, outfitted in hard-bottomed boots, ambushed them and rushed over. A dancer alleged that Hernandez violently kicked her in the ribs, another claims that she was grabbed by the neck and thrown to the ground by Hernandez, and a third woman claims that she was dragged by the scalp and kicked in the back.

Another actor, Gaia Love, would have witnessed the fight. She claimed Ballistic jumped into the fight after Ali appeared to beat Hernandez.

Afterwards, Hernandez took to Twitter to further incite battered women and fully incriminate herself by bragging about the exact moves she served during the attack.

“I mortally fought a h–, a pimp slapped another. Pushed one in last night’s episode. I knocked a few to the ground. I slapped everyone on that stage. Me and my crew wait #joselinescabaretlasvegas,” she tweeted.

During the assault, dancers say Hernandez repeatedly shouted “Gucci gang,” believed to be a signal for the planned beating.

Hernandez also posted an image of the boots worn in the violent attack in a tweet that read, “#joselinescabaretlasvegasreunion is Gucci gang,” along with a slew of laughing emojis. it’s-like-it’s-your-yard-date-dancers-sue-joseline-hernandez-ballistic-beats-and-zeus-network-for-backstage-beatdown-at-cabaret-reunion%2F

Since the security team was suspected of being involved in the attack, Zeus Network is also responsible for the lawsuit.

The dancers are represented by Joseph Adifé and Kathy Rabi by Adeife & Rabii. Hernandez’s team has yet to publicly respond to the lawsuit.

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