GB Justice Chief Justice Malik Haq Nawaz visits Nagar and Hunza



The Chief Justice of Gilgit-Baltistan, Malik Haq Nawaz, visited Nagar and Hunza.

On this occasion, Additional Sessions Judge Amna Zameer, Civil Judges, Deputy Commissioners, SPs and Lawyers, as well as a salute from a contingent of police, warmly welcomed Chief Justice Malik Haq Nawaz.

The Chief Justice visited the archives rooms, including the sub-offices of all the courts in the two districts. He reviewed the attendance of employees, the list of cases including the list of cases and the file in detail and gave orders to deal with outstanding cases on merit. The Chief Justice appreciated the services of Extra Sessions Judge Amna Zameer. When meeting with the delegation of lawyers, he said that the bar and the judiciary have an equal role in delivering justice and fairness.

On this occasion, the lawyers underlined the absence of a bar room. Expressing strong resentment, the chief justice ordered the construction department to build bar rooms in the building under construction at the district and session court, Hunza and Nagar.

The chief justice, noting the difficulties faced by the lawyers who came to prosecute the cases, ordered Deputy Commissioner Nagar to resolve the emergency issues and submit a report to the chief court.

Addressing judges and lawyers on this occasion, the Chief Justice said delivering timely justice in accordance with merit and the law is our top priority, followed by the Chief Court and lower courts, as the work of the judiciary is to dispense justice. to the people. The deserving poor and needy man is the VIP. No compromise will be made on the speedy execution of justice.


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