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A few days ago the government Launch of the visa program ““It allows citizens of countries with a low immigration percentage to the United States to obtain permanent residency by lottery.

US announces residency visa raffle for Peruvians

However, this is not the only way to relocate to North America: Over the years it has become an attractive race for citizens of the world.

No choking requirement and multiple visa options, Canada Integrates as a Promised Land for Immigrants. René Perrosby, consultant and expert legal adviser on immigration issues Explains that safety and quality of life are two factors people take into account when choosing Canada

“Many families, especially in the United States, fear violence, fearing that they will take their children to school and be assaulted. Their eyes are on Canada. Being a young country, there is still a lot to do and nowadays many more fields are emerging. Many people talk more about the Canadian dream than the American dreamCouncilor Perrosby told the newspaper.

Canada It offers a variety of options for settling in Peruvians; With a student, work or tourist visa. The investment cost for the procedures is variable but averages around $ 800. Then we detail You must complete the application and / or access the visa North American countries.

Student visa:

  • You will need to get an invitation letter from the university or institution where you applied. This school was created by a (IDD For its abbreviation in English).
  • If you come from outside Canada To study as an international student DLI must be listed with a product plan COVID-19[female[feminine Approved (the latter due to the infectious environment).
  • You must present a financial settlement at the time of application to pay for tuition, living expenses for you and your accompanying family members, and payment for tour tickets for all members.
  • No criminal record and obtain a police certificate (if required).
  • Stay healthy and have a medical exam (if necessary).
  • Provide a document to prove that you will be leaving Canada when your study permit expires.

Short-term studies

If you are only applying for courses of less than 6 months and you qualify as a traveler You can travel on a visitor visa. Obtaining this permit has certain advantages, namely the possibility of re-entering Canada if you travel during this period.

And To go to Canada to study for 6 months or more, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Submit a valid study permit or cover letter from IRCC.
  • Keep a valid passport.
  • You can only attend a DLI with one product plan COVID-19[FEMALE[FEMININE Properly approved by the state or territory of the location.

Live student broadcast

This August, Canada Understand Peru On a “fast lane”; Very fast process to obtain student visas in 20-30 working days.

This procedure “Live student broadcast“And the conditions for accessing it:

  • Pay at least 1 year from the university or college where you are enrolling.
  • According to the International English Language Assessment Organization (IELTS), the level of English should improve.
  • Open a savings account with a Canadian financial institution with a deposit of CA $ 10,000 or more.

Working license

There are currently two types of work visa applications:

Employer-specific work permit

An employer work permit allows you to work in Canada under certain conditions:

  • The name of the particular employer you work for.
  • How long can you work.
  • Work residues (if applicable).

Before submitting your application for a specific work permit, the employer who wishes to hire you must complete a few steps and provide a copy of the labor market impact study or the placement number to include in your application.

Open work permit

An open work permit allows you to work for any employer in Canada, except:

  • He seems ineligible on the list of employers who do not meet the conditions.
  • She regularly offers striptease, erotic dance, escort or erotic massage services.
  • You can only get an open work permit under certain circumstances.

Consultant Perrospi pointed out that currently, people wishing to apply for one of the visa options offered by Canada can apply online. . No need to go to the interview at the embassy.

“Due to the epidemic environment of COVID-19, the process from when you submit the application for a student or work visa will vary between 13 and 14 weeks. In the case of tourism, they take some time because of the sanitary measures taken by the Canadian government., He pointed out.

Job opportunity in Canada

Perospi He also explains that Canada views immigrants as the path to economic restructuring by renting houses, buying goods, paying taxes or entering various jobs.

“In terms of work visas, Canada currently has a high demand for technicians; IT engineers, executives and cooks ”, He noted.

The lawyer pointed out Canada Occupies more immigrants in these areas Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto, Above all; as well as the provinces British Columbia, Quebec Ontario. Currently, there are options in other provinces for those who decide to travel to North America.

“Currently, the Canadian government encourages immigration to other regions, such as the Atlantic provinces. These states must accommodate a large number of immigrants for a reason: the cost of living in the provinces is lower than in the largest cities because the population is not high. Ended.

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