Hundreds of Thousands Click on New Helene Fischer Video


Berlin (dpa) – Pop singer Helene Fischer (37) has returned after a long break with dance rhythms and Latin sounds. On Friday evening, she presented for the first time the video of her new single “Vamos a Marte” (translated: “Envolons-nous vers Mars”) in front of the main newspaper RTL.

In it, Fischer sings with Luis Fonsi (“Despacito”). “I’m looking forward to the summer vibes,” she told television before the clip began, which was billed as an advertisement. Since then, the video is also visible on YouTube, where around half a million views were recorded on Saturday noon.

Fischer sings and dances in changing outfits, the backdrop partly resembles a spaceship. Fonsi can be seen on a party stage at a bar and alongside his duo partner. The clip of the comeback duo celebrated its premiere on all the channels of the RTL media group. Fonsi landed the world hit “Despacito” in 2017 – the most successful summer hit to date in terms of the charts in Germany.

Fans and the press met with backlash on Saturday. The Berlin “Tagesspiegel” certified the song that “in the best tradition ‘breathless at night’ it quickly hits your mind”.

And further: “Regarding pearly acoustic guitars, Fischer reports a man whom she looks in the eyes for a long time. Then he asks her to dance. “Only a few millimeters between us, I have no choice / I am the signal, oh”, she sings, before the rhythm starts right on time at 30 seconds, the synths sparkle and Luis Fonsi joins him in Spanish. “

At “Spiegel” they said: “The catchy music of“ Vamos a Marte ”is conceived as an entry – one could also say: crowbar – for the world market. Fischer effortlessly elevates the essence of the German hit’s secret brand, the sweaty and dizzying encirclement of the sexual, to an international level. “

But here “heterosexual desire is staged by mutual agreement – the ‘exotic’ lover waving languidly, the German ‘tourist’ vocalizing the triumphant athleticism. In the end, it is she who transforms his language, and not the other way around. “

The newspaper “Bild” had asked Fischer in advance if they wanted to conquer the USA and Latin America with Fonsi: “First of all, I wanted to record a great song with Luis – without any ulterior motives”, Fischer replied. “I deliberately sing my part mainly in German. “And:” I have my audience in Germany and in our neighboring countries.

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