If Trump’s grown children helped him commit fraud, New York prosecutors are about to find out


It was about time American presidents stepped down and focused on their philanthropic foundations, became amateur painters and wrote very long books. Then there is Donald Trump, who has taken a slightly different approach, in that he spends his day crushing marriages, trying to overturn the 2020 election results, and drowning in lawsuits, civil investigations and criminal investigations.

One of the most significant lawsuits, of course, is the Manhattan District Attorney’s investigation into Trump and his company’s financial transactions, which has so far resulted in 15 charges against the Trump Organization and his longtime CFO, Allen Weisselberg. (Both sides have pleaded not guilty to all counts, including criminal tax evasion, robbery, falsification of business records, and intent to defraud the government.) But there are also at least three other investigations. criminal cases, numerous lawsuits and an investigation by the New York attorney general’s office, which is on the verge of obtaining a cornucopia of key documents not thanks to the ex-president’s company.

In a Sept. 2 order unsealed Friday, a judge said the Trump Organization must comply with subpoenas issued by the New York attorney general. Letitia jamesor hire an outside company to search its documents and deliver them to prosecutors. According to Bloomberg, the company has until September 30 to “report on its efforts to preserve, collect and produce all documents in response to the subpoenas issued by James in connection with a civil investigation to determine whether the company manipulated the value of its assets for loans and tax breaks ”, as ordered by the state court Arthur Engoron. If James is not satisfied, the Trump Organization will have to hire a third party to oversee compliance, and while he is free to choose one, the Attorney General will have to approve him, according to The Daily Beast – in case anyone. one would think of hiring Rudy Giuliani & Sons at Your Service LLC. By Bloomberg:

James filed a lawsuit in August 2020 to enforce half a dozen subpoenas, including one issued to the company’s former tax attorney. The investigation is separate from recent criminal prosecutions by the Trump Organization and its longtime CFO Allen Weisselberg, which James’ office is pursuing in cooperation with Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance. The Trump Organization press service did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

The attorney general is focused on the appraisal of Seven Springs, a 212-acre property in Westchester County, outside of New York City. James examines whether Trump’s company gave an accurate appraisal of the property when it served as the basis for approximately $ 21.1 million in tax deductions for the donation of a conservation easement for the 2015 tax year . The survey is [also] examining transactions involving a neo-Gothic Trump skyscraper in Manhattan called 40 Wall Street, as well as the Trump International Hotel and Tower Chicago and a Los Angeles golf club, according to court records.

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