In the lead: the piece Lincoln Community Playhouse serves as a personal journey for an actress | Entertainment


More important is its resounding message which boosts body positivity and reminds that beauty exists in all sizes, shapes and ages.

He also points out that the opinion of others doesn’t really matter, that being good about yourself is essential to happiness. Only then can you actually dance like no one is watching you – or care if they are.

This is how we come to Koepke’s personal journey – his mission to overcome the obstacles and pitfalls that stand in our way.

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“I’m not very confident in my day to day life,” she said, pointing out how different she was from Celia. “She’s a trophy wife, the sexy one who doesn’t care. She’s happy to do that kind of thing. To me it’s black and white, completely different from who I am as a person.”

And while Playhouse’s version of “Calendar Girls” would be rated PG-13, it still takes courage to take the stage undressed.

Make no mistake, the cast will be covered and props will be used to give the illusion of nudity, while providing a certain brevity.

“My character is covered in front of cherry buds. It looks like breasts,” she said. “Sounds pretty hilarious. You see the belly a bit and you will see the bare arms, but the breasts are covered.”

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