Inspired by Milan, Cartier architects redesign a flagship

“The visitor entering has the sensation of an actor entering a large stage,” said Mr. Moinard. “You are here to see and be seen. From each point of view, you have an overall view of the space and of each living room, like a scene within a scene.

Mahogany wall panels recall the hulls of classic Riva boats on nearby Lake Como while geometric patterns on the stone floor, echoed in trompe l’oeil on the carpet, are based on mosaic patterns made famous by M. Ponti, a Milanese architect. .

The tones used throughout the space are neutral with pops of pink or ocher, mostly in the fabrics covering the upholstered furniture. “Distinct atmospheres are created with pastel colors for the female section and more earthy tones with woodwork for the male spaces,” said Mr. Moinard, referring to the groupings of jewelry and small watches and cufflinks and larger watch models. “We used red accents and a champagne shade for the metal fixtures for a more soothing, modern feel.”

The central displays on the ground floor – which house Cartier’s current collections, including a limited-edition Tank Asymmetric watch offered exclusively at the Milan boutique – are mounted on metal bases sculpted in the shape of what the reopening statement described as “finely crafted petals of gold”. to recall the fountains of Milan.

At the end of the store, a glass and white marble staircase wraps around a glass elevator, and panther motifs, a classic Cartier signature, are carved into the white walls that line the stairs. Abstract at first, then gradually more realistic, leafy forms accompany the visitor to the top floor, giving a glimpse of the hidden garden there. The floor also houses the VIP area called La Residence, a living room with a green terrace designed by Milanese architects Stefano Boeri Interiors as a nod to the many walled gardens of Milan.

Overall, Ms. Bétaille said, “This boutique is a place where you bring your family, friends or partner to enjoy a moment of conviviality. Our job was to create a unique setting filled with subtle details that piques a visitor’s curiosity to return and discover more.

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