JAG Productions and King Arthur Baking Company team up to create Theater on the Hill



NORWICH – After a 17-month hiatus from live performances, JAG Productions returns to the outdoor stage with the summer series Theater on the Hill, hosted by King Arthur Baking Company, from August 13 to September 12.

Every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening for five weekends, JAG Productions will feature live theatrical productions, including workshops, concerts, burlesques and staged readings that illuminate black life and black aesthetics.

All shows will be presented from the scenic grassy hill of the King Arthur Baking Company on Route 5 in Norwich, Vermont. Local food and drink will be available from 6:30 p.m. each night of the series, including Upper Valley food trucks like Munchie Rollz, Griddle and Groovy, and more.

The performances will begin at 8:00 pm Tickets are $ 25 and are on sale now. Learn more and book your tickets early on the series website: https://www.jagproductionsvt.com/theatre-on-a-hill

Born out of JAG Productions’ mission to catalyze compassion, empathy, love and understanding through the prism of the African American experience, as well as King Arthur Baking Company’s commitment to become more partners. effective for those who experience injustice and marginalization, Theater on the Hill will show how powerful it can be to celebrate the art of performance and advocate for a fairer, healthier and more balanced community.

Jarvis Green, Founder and Artistic Director of JAG, is in his fifth year of bringing exciting and impactful black queer and trans black theater to our region. Jarvis said, “We look forward to meeting again this summer – in person – for this exciting offering of performances, along with local food and drink, in a beautiful natural setting. This is the transformative experience we call Theater on the Hill.

Regarding Theater on the Hill’s pursuit of better human understanding through art, Suzanne McDowell, Vice President of CSR and Sustainability at King Arthur Baking Company, said, “Food and art are inextricably linked and both are an integral part of life, place and community. The idea for Theater on the Hill grew out of this connection and the potential of King Arthur Baking to provide a lively and lively space for the work of the JAG. As bakers, it is important for us to embrace culture and connection, and to offer a wider range of voices and expertise – this is at the heart of our work for diversity, equity and inclusion.

JAG Productions and King Arthur Baking Company are delighted to welcome and host many guest artists from New York City here in the Upper Valley.

On the first weekend, August 13-15, the theater presented a production workshop of a curious thing; or Jeremy O’Brian’s k’aint fly superheroes.

Theater on the Hill will then present Life in Sepia: Vermont’s Black Burlesque Revue, over the Labor Day weekend, September 3 to 5.

Burlesque is a symphony of theater, comedy and striptease, and has been celebrated vaudeville-style since the end of the 19th century. Black performers, referred to as “sepia” dancers, would spin, shake, and set the standard, but their stories are often erased or hidden from society. Today’s black ecdysiastes are changing the narrative, reclaiming their space on stage and in history – documenting their legacy.

Life in Sepia is a revival of burlesque through the decades, showing the imprint of black excellence throughout the history of this underrated art form. With a diverse review of performances from The Maine Attraction, Perle Noire, Poison Ivory, Gigi Holliday, Genie Adagio, Vera Safire, Golden Mystique, Hi Ho Silver and Domini’que Anjou. The Femmecee of the evening will be Liza Colby.

Photo by Lars Blackmore.

JAG Productions will close Theater on the Hill September 10-12 with a staged reading of Raven Cassell’s For the Love of Jazz, which has been a staple of JAGfest 2.0, JAGfest 5.0 Radio Plays and the Black Joy Project. On:

Set in New York City in the late 1920s and 1930s, this Jazzical sits with a brilliant woman who, in effect, chooses to prioritize her career and have full control over her fluid sexuality. This woman is now so familiar, but this piece looks at her almost 100 years ago, with the backdrop of the Harlem Renaissance. He asks, what does it mean for a woman to hold power while sailing in love?

Scheduled event:

August 13-15 – a curious thing; or the superheroes k’aint fly by Jeremy O’Brian

August 27-29 – Next to Normal in concert, with book and lyrics by Brian Yorkey and music by Tom Kitt

September 3 to 5 – Life in Sepia: The Vermont Black Burlesque Magazine

September 10-12 – For the Love of Jazz by Raven Cassell

Event details:

Tickets on sale at: https://www.jagproductionsvt.com/theatre-on-a-hill

Performances take place at the King Arthur Baking Company, 135 US 5 South, Norwich.

The King Arthur Baking Court will open at 6:30 p.m. each evening of the festival and feature local food and drink, including food trucks and more.

All performances start at 8:00 p.m.


Founded in 2016, JAG Productions was formed by artistic director of production Jarvis Antonio Green with a mission to produce classic and contemporary African American theater; serve as an incubator for new work that arouses broad intellectual engagement; and thus, catalyze compassion, empathy, love and community through a shared understanding of humanity through the prism of the African American experience. JAG Productions sees itself playing a role in bringing various actors and stories to the stage and to the Upper Valley. JAG Productions is a leading national incubator for new work by black playwrights and, in its first year, won the New England Theater Conference (NETC) Regional Award for Outstanding Achievement in American Theater. In 2017, the company launched JAGfest, an annual new work festival celebrating the talents of African-American playwrights, which has already launched an Off-Broadway production. https://www.jagproductionsvt.com


King Arthur Baking Company has shared the pleasure of baking since 1790. A certified B Corp company headquartered in Vermont, King Arthur is the ultimate baking resource, providing the highest quality ingredients for baked goods. the most delicious. As a 100% employee-owned business, we believe in the power of the bakery to make a difference for our employee-owners, the baking community as a whole and the planet. We strive to be a force for good in everything we do – from cultivating a workplace that embraces differences and prioritizes confidence to teaching children across the country how to bake bread from scratch to partnerships with farmers and suppliers who share our vision of a greener planet.


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