Jamie Lee Curtis Says Her ‘True Lies’ Striptease Was the ‘Bad*ss’ She’s Ever Felt

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  • Jamie Lee Curtis has just shared the most empowering scene of his career.

  • She said in a recent interview that she felt the worst during her striptease in the 1994 movie real lies.

  • “It was a powerful experience that no one else could take credit for,” she explained.

In our eyes, Jamie Lee Curtis is, was, and always will be bad *ss. Her acting abilities and overall composure go a long way, but in a new tryout for In the style, the 63-year-old divulged what she thinks is her personal best badass moment (on set, at least).

You probably know the movie. In the 1994 action comedy real lies in which she plays alongside Arnold schwarzenegger, the character of Curtis Helen Tasker does a striptease for her husband, something totally out of his element. Curtis was admittedly nervous about pulling it off, but she executed it flawlessly (without rehearsal!) striking the perfect balance between awkward comic relief and total sex appeal.

“It was very early in the shooting schedule, which made me a little anxious because it meant I would probably have to stop eating whatever I was eating and maybe do some sit-ups, but I didn’t have time. There was no choreographer, and we only rehearsed it in the sense that we were briefed on camera placement and cues to hit,” she said. Explain.

While dancing to John Hiatt’s “Alone in the Dark,” she embarked on the adventure, stripping down and removing her little black dress. “There was a moment when I closed my eyes and let it all go, and there was an awful silence afterwards,” she recalled. “It was a powerful experience that no one else could take credit for – it was just me, the music, three cameras and about 100 guys.”

In an industry that seemed to value her in little or no clothing at the time, the Knives out The star could have been bowled over by the scene (and rightfully so). But instead, she chose to make it her own. And at one point, the moment even got a little “too sexy” for director James Cameron, Curtis recalled.

Photo credit: Ronald Siemoneit - Getty Images

Photo credit: Ronald Siemoneit – Getty Images

She grabbed the bedpost as a dance partner, really stepping into the moment. And the movements became almost too convincing to match his character’s distance. “[Cameron] came up to me and whispered in my ear, ‘Do you want to let go?’ “says Curtis. “He understood that Helen stumbling through her seductive dance would remind everyone that it was a comedy, after all.”

In the scene, she suddenly falls to the ground and, as if bouncing off it, jumps back and continues dancing as if nothing had happened. “It will always be the biggest laugh I’ve ever had in my life,” Curtis said.

In a June 2021 interview with People, the Halloween kills The actress recalled watching the movie’s premiere to a full house, including, uh, her dad, who was seated next to her. “Thousands of people – and you know, it gets really quiet during this sequence, because it’s kinda sexy. Then when [Helen] falls then gets back up, oh my god,” she recalled. The fall broke the silence.

It’s a moment she — and everyone who watched — will never forget.

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