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Mandy Moore’s first experience of solo parenting was “overwhelming.”

The 37-year-old star – who has a six-month-old son named Gus with husband Taylor Goldsmith – documented her experience of solo parenting over the weekend via her Instagram story.

Next to a photo of baby Gus, she wrote: “So lucky to be your mum, Goose. Even when he’s teething and he’s clearly in pain, this little man is just the best. (Sic) ) “

Mandy then admitted that taking care of Gus on her own was a challenge. However, she also insisted that she was “grateful” for spending quality time with her baby boy.

She said: “I’ve had my first solo parenting experience in the last few days (my husband is on tour) and it can be overwhelming, but I’m so thankful to have it all to myself.”

Earlier this month, Mandy revealed that she feels the most “indescribable and unconditional” love for her son.

The “This Is Us” star has turned six months since welcoming her baby boy into the world and she feels so lucky to be the mother of the “happiest, sweetest guy.”

Along with a series of pictures of herself and Gus, Mandy wrote, “6 months with the happiest, sweetest guy and most indescribable, unconditional love. We are the luckiest and we love you so much, Gus !! (sic) “

Mandy also revealed that breastfeeding her son had been an “enriching experience”.

She explained: “Breastfeeding is not always smooth (blocked ducts, synchronization of life around feedings, pumping for when I am at work, etc …) but breastfeeding this little boy for almost 6 months has was a beautiful, messy and oh so fulfilling experience that I will cherish forever.

“It goes without saying that #fedisbest and I am grateful for my body and the tremendous support I had around me (especially the first few days and weeks when I had no idea what I was doing) for me to have allowed this time to feed my nice boy. (sic) “

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