Marx sur Marx Cabaret for the benefit of ACT for MS



Renowned composer and pianist Bill Marx to join forces with Emmy Award-winning actor-singer nephew Gregg Marx for Marx on Marx Cabaret, a unique performance on Sunday July 25, for the benefit of ACT for MS at the Classic Club in Palm Desert.

Tickets cost $ 150 for open seats, which include cocktails, appetizers, the show, and a summer buffet. VIP tables for eight people are available for $ 1,500. VIP tables include front row seats. All tickets are tax deductible donation.

“We are delighted to do the Marx on Marx Cabaret,” said Anne Greer, Act for the MS chair. “The response we have received so far has been excellent.”

He is the organization’s first Marx on Marx Cabaret. While he usually hosts a Summer Jazz Casual, the pianist this year launched the idea of ​​a summer cabaret. “Bill Marx is an artist, and this is his first performance since closing,” said Greer. “For him, it’s exciting to get back to it and work with his nephew Gregg Marx. Bill has been on the [ACT for MS] cabinet from the start. He was excited when he came to us with the idea.

ACT for MS was founded in 1999. The idea arose when Greer’s sister, Norma Greer Fishkind, said to their mother, Gloria, having been diagnosed with MS. “My mother was a renowned journalist in the area,” said Greer, “so she was able to form a council of philanthropists and donors to form ACT For MS.”

The idea was to help clients in the Coachella Valley area in any way possible. Initially, it started with partnerships around the community. ACT for MS has partnered with local gyms and trainers for one-on-one sessions with their clients.

“My sister was diagnosed with MS and then attended College of the Desert with the goal of walking again,” said Greer. “Her instructors said it was a good goal but not achievable. But at the end of the semester, she was walking with a walker.”

ACT for MS is doing everything in its power to help clients live comfortably with multiple sclerosis, including utility bills, air conditioning units for cars, massage therapists, gym memberships, and coaches.

The stories of triumph don’t end with Norma; there are many examples of ACT for clients with multiple sclerosis who have overcome the barriers. “We have a client who was diagnosed with MS and his doctor told him there wasn’t much he could do,” said Greer. “The client came to us for help and we paired him with a trainer to help him slow down his MS. Now he continues to work out.”

In addition to providing an evening of entertainment at ACT for clients with MS, the cabaret is a fundraiser whose proceeds will help clients live more comfortably with multiple sclerosis, including helping with bills. electricity, air conditioning units for cars, massage therapists, gym memberships and coaches, to name a few.

Greer said, “For eligible customers, we help pay their utility bills. The heat is really bad for people with MS, and the heat here is making the bills soar. We also like to exercise our members as it slows down the MS process. For members who cannot travel, we send a massage therapist. “

Not being able to fundraise and get their clients into the gym in the past year due to the COVID-19 pandemic has had a negative impact on the organization’s clients.

“Our customers have wasted two years because of the shutdown,” said Greer. “With the opening of things, we are happy to be able to give them the help they need.”

The Marx on Marx Cabaret is a fun way to kick off fundraising for ACT for MS, whose advice includes Anne Pape, President; Linda williamson, vice-president; Penny mason, secretary; Greer, treasurer; Andy clark; Richard DeSantis; Greer Fishkind; Jo-ann horwitz; Suz hunt; Nelda Linsk; Marx and Georges turner.

“Our board is phenomenal – I can’t thank them enough for everything they do,” said Greer.

Marx on Marx Cabaret takes place on Sunday July 25 at the Bellatrix at the Classic Club. Social time is 4 p.m. followed by a buffet dinner at 5 p.m. To confirm your attendance, call (760) 773-9806 or send an email [email protected].

Eric Sandoval is a freelance writer who writes for the community newspaper Inland Empire. He is currently a student at Cal State, San Bernardino.


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