New Apex concept by Lloyd Werft and The A Group

Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven and Group A have developed a 115 meter explorer concept. The extraordinary Mountain peak has a range of 9,000 miles, carries two 20-meter tenders and a helicopter in its own hangar.

Mountain peak is a fully customized yacht 115 meters long and 18.50 meters wide with a volume of approximately 8,000 gross tons. The rugged exterior of the Explorer was developed by Group A of Monaco, the naval architecture comes from Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven, where Mountain peak will also be built. The concept behind this extraordinary yacht is called “limitless”. No area is too far away or too harsh to Mountain peak not to reach.

André Stegmann, Senior Project Manager at Lloyd Werft, comments: “Mountain peak meets the demand of today’s customers for stable, spacious and at the same time extremely robust yachts par excellence: the bow, nearly four decks high, can withstand the heaviest weather conditions and is also capable of doing ice-creams. Up to 22 guests and 48 crew members travel on board and can cover up to 9,000 nautical miles non-stop at 16 knots.

The exterior of Mountain peak says Matt Pegrum, director of yachting at Group A, as follows: “It is characterized by large open spaces, especially aft. Notable features are two extra wide and 20 meter long tenders parked to the side of the superstructure and launched via cranes and the infinity pool that forms the transition between the helipad and the party deck. Even the side walls of the 12-meter pool are glazed and extend to the height of almost an entire deck. Unlike the rather open rear view, Mountain peak obtains a massive bow giving the explorer a powerful identity as well as a “ship-like” character and ensuring Mountain peak reaches its destination safely, even in very difficult conditions on the high seas. The exterior appearance of the yacht is also defined by large glass surfaces made up of the largest windows ever used on a yacht.

Behind the glazing, Mountain peakThe superstructures provide 2,400 square meters of luxurious living space for owners and guests. The interior layout will be fully personalized according to the owner’s requests.

Group A has developed an extremely progressive and unparalleled general system for Mountain peak which amazes already in the rear section. Under the fully certified helipad Mountain peak shows a hangar dedicated to the helicopter to transport it safely, even in adverse conditions. Also aft and at waterline level you will find the spa area including a gym and massage room; a multifunctional room a little further forward can serve as an infirmary. Guests sleep on the main or upper deck, with two of the four VIP suites each sharing a private lounge. The owner uses his own terrace with walk in closets, bathrooms, office and living room, from where he has direct access to the party area and the infinity pool to the rear. Very remarkable are the two salons of Mountain peak. On the upper deck, it has a spacious dining table that seats up to 26 people. On the main deck there is a cinema / conference room on the port side and an entertainment area on the starboard side with various game tables, including one for billiards or snooker.

Credits: Lloyd Werft Bremerhaven

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