Northern Health seeks court injunction against Lambda Cabaret

According to a legal expert, the court injunction is intended to prohibit the reopening of the nightclub until the closure order put in place by Northern Health is lifted.

If the injunction is granted and the nightclub continues to disobey the court order, far greater consequences could befall the owner and patrons caught inside the establishment.

In the application, Dr Raina Fumerton, Medical Officer of Health for Northern Health, said the opening of the nightclub “presents a significant risk of causing a health hazard”.

Todd Corrigall, CEO of the PG Chamber of Commerce, said the ongoing process is frustrating to watch, especially for so many companies that have gone out of their way to stay compliant.

Several people online, including Corrigall, have also called on the City of Prince George to revoke the nightclubs business license.

In Vancouver, when restaurant Corduroy broke pandemic rules, the City of Vancouver finally stepped in and brought up the licensing of that business.

The City of Prince George declined an interview, but said in a statement “the city is concerned about any reports of businesses failing to comply with public health orders.”

“However, revoking a business license is a thorough legal process and any investigation or action the City may take will not be publicly disclosed. Enforcement of public health orders has always been the responsibility of health authorities and the City and the RCMP support their processes where possible.

The case will be heard Friday in the Supreme Court of British Columbia in Vancouver.

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