Ribeirao has a vaccination campaign for children and adolescents

Ribeirão Health is leading a campaign to vaccinate adolescents and children (Photo: FL Piton / CCS)

Until October 29, the Communal Health Administration is implementing the national campaign of multiple vaccinations for children and adolescents under 15 years old.

The “D” day of the campaign is scheduled for October 16. In Ribeirão Preto, 36 vaccination centers will be opened to apply the vaccines that make up the national vaccination schedule for children and adolescents.

The campaign aims to provide access to all vaccines on the national schedule and to update the immunization schedule for this age group so that there is an increase in vaccine coverage needed to control, eliminate and eliminate preventable diseases. through vaccination.

Vaccines that will be available at campaign sites include: BCG, Hepatitis A and B, Penta (DTP / Hib / Hep B), 10-valent Pneumococcus, VIP (inactivated polio vaccine), HRV (human rotavirus vaccine), meningococcus C (polio vaccine), VOP (oral polio vaccine), yellow fever, triple viral (measles, rubella, mumps), tetralogy (measles, rubella, mumps, chickenpox), DTP (trivalent bacteria), chickenpox and neoplasm tetravalent HPV virus (virus human papilloma).

It is important to take all children and adolescents to one of the 36 immunization rooms in Ribeirão Preto to check the vaccine portfolio, because even if it is considered up to date, the immunization schedule can be changed.

The opening hours of vaccination centers vary. See the list of vaccination rooms below:

Lists of vaccination centers in Ribeirão Preto

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