russia pavilion at expo 2020 celebrates unstoppable human progress


russian pavilion at expo 2020: a nod to constant progress

located in the mobility district of expo 2020 dubai, the flag of russia is defined by the motto: “creative spirit: leading the future”. the pavilion’s architect, sergei tchoban, designed the building as two domes colliding. this overall composition reflects the idea of ​​constant movement as a prerequisite for unstoppable progressive development and creation. ‘the two hemispheres are domes creating the image of a planet symbolizing fullness and universality ”, said the architect.

russian pavilion at the 2020 dubai expo | all pictures of roland halbe and ilya ivanov

colorful waves of curved lines echo Russian avant-garde

the facades of the building are made up of a multiplicity of interwoven threadlike pipes of different colors that express the ideas of movement, the development of meaning and knowledge, the orientation towards the future and the harmonious coexistence of energies and phenomena of very diverse natures. the pattern of lines of different colors describing the pavilion refers, says architect sergei tchoban, to the tradition of the Russian avant-garde and to the “expressive” method – the use of a free treatment of the line to generate new forms – invented by the constructivist architect Yakov Chernikhov.

russian pavilion at expo 2020 in dubai creative minds driving the future 12
the pavilion is surrounded by a water basin to maintain a comfortable microclimate and act as a reflective surface

the “wires” are made of aluminum tubes with a diameter of 8 cm, which are bent at different angles and braid the volume of the pavilion in several directions. the total length of these elements is 46 km, the total number of segments is more than 1000. after the tubes were made and bent at the defined angles using specially designed equipment, they were covered with a colorful polymer composition that reliably protects aluminum from scorching in the sun. 6 different color shades were used in the project, which, due to the countless number of combinations on the facade surface, form a palette of multi-colored lines.

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the pattern of lines in different colors refers to the tradition of the Russian avant-garde

With a total area of ​​over 3600 m², the pavilion has three main levels and two mezzanine levels. this made it possible to organize all the necessary functions: exhibition halls, cafes and restaurants, and business meeting spaces. moreover, the idea of ​​the composition of two domes placed one inside the other makes it possible to satisfy the main climatic requirement of such a building in the United Arab Emirates; the complex must have a comfortable and shaded waiting area. adjoining this is a space for temporary exhibitions, a restaurant, souvenir shop and a multi-height lobby with escalators and elevators leading to the main exhibition level.

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russia pavilion at expo 2020 is located in mobility district

the larger of the two domes forms an exhibition space with an adjoining VIP room, a conference center (equipped with panoramic terraces) and meeting rooms which provide ideal conditions for doing business throughout the exhibition. as a final touch, the pavilion is surrounded by a decorative water basin which helps maintain a comfortable microclimate around the building and serves as a gigantic mirror reflecting the pavilion.

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domes create the image of a planet to symbolize wholeness and universality

pay homage to Russian scientists and the human spirit

the central part of the exhibition is the immersive performance “the mechanics of wonder” created and produced by konstantin petrov and his team at simpateka entertainment group in Moscow. ‘science is international. Sometimes a revolutionary idea travels a long way before it transforms into useful technology somewhere beyond its birthplace. The exhibition draws attention to the creative efforts of generations of Russian scientists and engineers and their contribution to improving the world. this exhibition pays homage to the human brain. it is the science of the brain that will bring us the most important discoveries of the 21st century‘, shares Petrov.

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