Sean Stephens of REDEMPTION OF A 90’S KID at Feinstein’s/54 Below on March 3

Sean Stephens has been waiting for this moment for a long time. The singer actor whose appearance on band show after band show turned heads and raised eyebrows was finally set to make his solo debut at 54 Below in an intriguing show called THE BEDROOM WORLD TOUR. It was spring 2020. And that was it. Now, two springs later, Sean Stephens is set to make his nightclub debut, but this time in a new show created for the man he is now, after a two-year hiatus. And, with a week to go until the March 3 premiere, Sean Stephens down to his button nose and blue eyes in rehearsals, talking about the sheer number of tickets he’s already sold, and he is, as the saying goes. , ready to go.

Before that day arrives, however, Sean took the time to chat with Broadway World Cabaret about his best friend Dobby, the original show versus the new show, and what it means to him that Britney has been released.

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Sean Stephens, welcome to Broadway World!

Thank you!

BWW Interview: Sean Stephens of REDEMPTION OF A 90'S KID at Feinstein's/54 Below on March 3Let’s start with the most important thing: just yesterday it was announced that Britney Spears would be writing a reveal. Tell me all the emotions you had when you found out.

I’m so glad she gets the chance to use her voice, I can’t imagine having my voice taken away from me for 13 years so she can finally say what she has to say. And I will buy in bulk.

You’re gearing up for your solo nightclub debut next week – let’s talk about THOSE feelings.

I am thrilled, anxious, terrified. I keep saying “Aho do I think I am?” but overall I’m thrilled to finally be able to do this after waiting 2 years. I feel like it’s been a long time.

Your original plan was to debut two years ago with The Bedroom World Tour, but that got sidetracked by the pandemic, quarantine and lockdown. Now that you’re finally back on the 54 Below schedule, your show will be REDEMPTION OF A 90s KID. Why the change?

BWW Interview: Sean Stephens of REDEMPTION OF A 90'S KID at Feinstein's/54 Below on March 3Honestly, I’ve changed a lot during the pandemic. I used the time to heal a lot of wounds, so when I revisited Bedroom World Tour, I didn’t feel like who I was anymore. All the songs are different, the stories have more resolution, I just felt that if I changed, the show should too.

Do you plan to revisit the original show later?

I think it can be put to rest. I’m very proud of what we came up with for 90’s Kid, I can’t really see myself going back to that person before the pandemic.

Put an image in my head of your creative process, in the development of your show.

This one didn’t necessarily start out as a 90s show, but as I put together the setlist, I started to see how much 90s music influenced who I became. I knew the stories I wanted to tell, so it was just a matter of finding the music that gave voice to those stories. I think people will really like this music.

You have a whole collection of artists appearing at 54 Below with you on March 3rd. What was the inspiration that led you to open the doors of REDEMPTION to include these special friends and artists?

Everyone is a friend who inspires me and aligns musically with what I wanted the show to say. Being an anxious person, I knew it would help a lot to have familiar faces to cheer me up throughout the show. I love them all and they’re all so talented, it’s going to elevate the show so much.

You have worked very hard as an actor and guest soloist in cabaret shows. With business springing back to life and acting back on the table, what’s life like for singer actor Sean Stephens?

Oh my god, honestly, a lot of self-tapes are sent into the void never to be heard from again. But this show was about 95% of my life and brainpower, so we’ll see what happens next…

BWW Interview: Sean Stephens of REDEMPTION OF A 90'S KID at Feinstein's/54 Below on March 3When you practice your songs for REDEMPTION at home, is Dobby a good spectator?

He is sleeping, which is quite comforting. Every time I sing he falls asleep no matter if it’s the belt he gets completely zoned out.

The artwork for The Bedroom World Tour was nominated for a Broadway World Cabaret People’s Choice Award, and the artwork for REDEMPTION OF A 90s KID is also very fun, colorful and lively. What is the creative process when designing your show art?

Once I decided on the title, I just had this image in my head of what I want the art to say. I love designing, I used to design fake CD covers for myself on Microsoft Paint, so that’s something I’ve always loved doing. 90’s Kid was all about grabbing attention and we all love these little 90’s shapes. They send you right back.

Paint me a picture of your life in the 90s.

BWW Interview: Sean Stephens of REDEMPTION OF A 90'S KID at Feinstein's/54 Below on March 3I was in Union, SC, in the middle of nowhere, hosting concerts for my family. I had a huge karaoke machine with a wireless mic, so I really thought I was something. But my parents let me do anything and they were great athletes. Most of my time was spent in my bedroom singing My Heart Will Go On over and over and over and over…

Will you sing Britney Spears on the show?

Actually, I’m not… I know it’s a huge surprise but I thought it would be too obvious. I have some Reba, Annie Lennox, LeAnn Rimes, Goofy Movie…lots of amazing music.

You are a very open person, often sharing your innermost thoughts and feelings on your social media, and the REDEMPTION show event page specifically uses the vulnerable world in its description of the show. How did you come to want to allow people to see all parts of yourself?

BWW Interview: Sean Stephens of REDEMPTION OF A 90'S KID at Feinstein's/54 Below on March 3I have been through a lot during my short time on this earth…and I hope sharing what I have learned from these experiences will help others who may have been through some of the same things. You don’t lose a parent at 22 without having to completely overhaul the way your brain processes life, but it made me who I am today. If it can help anyone else figure this out, then I’m doing it right.

Sean, is there Redemption for 90s kids?

I think so. For me, clearing trauma and waking up each day with the will to live is my redemption. I think the kids of the 90s saw the world change a lot because of technological and economic failures and had to really go within to keep going. I hope we all find redemption, whether you’re a 90s kid or not.

Sean Stephens, thanks for chatting with Broadway World today, and I can’t wait to see the show.

Thank you!!! I can not wait !!

Sean Stephens REDEMPTION OF A 90’S KID performs Feinstein’s/54 Below on March 3 at 9:45 p.m. For more information and tickets, visit the 54 Below website HERE.

Sean Stephens can be found on Instagram HERE.

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