See LG Display’s OLED media chair and exercise bike in action


LG Display’s latest concept device may only arrive in airport lounges or the lounges of the ultra-rich, but it promises to deliver the most relaxed and immersive TV viewing experience ever thanks to a bassinet-shaped chair that can tilt and rotate the screen.

After sharing a first glimpse of the product over a week ago, LG Display this week gave a more detailed look at its futuristic “multimedia chair”. While technically a CES revelation, the conceptual device will not be shown on location in Las Vegas, where the show has been downsized due to COVID-19. However, the company has released video footage of the chair in action.

The media chair is built with a 55 inch curved 4K OLED TV panel. But what sets it apart from other home entertainment experiences is the way the chair and TV can tilt for comfort.

The TV can also switch from horizontal to vertical viewing mode, making it easier to view mobile apps or TikTok videos. The other advantage is the surround sound. Thanks to the vibrations of the screen, the TV panel itself can output sound to the user from the front. Meanwhile, the chair’s built-in speakers can project sound from behind.

(Photo: LG)

The big question is the cost, but LG Display declined to provide an estimate. Because the chair is a concept, it may never reach the production stage. Instead, the manufacturer hopes the device inspires its customers, such as TV vendors, to develop similar products using LG’s technology that may one day reach consumers.

Examples could include the media chair ending with VIP lounges at airports or shopping malls, or targeting the ultra high-end market. LG Display also points out that the media chair can be customized according to the customer’s taste, so it is possible that the same technology can be applied to games.

The other concept device, LG Display, gave a more detailed look at its “virtual ride,” which involves placing a trio of 55-inch OLED panels in front of and on top of a stationary bike.

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The company uses flexible OLED panels, which allow the screen to flex seamlessly on the exercise bike. 4K technology can also deliver high-quality visuals, giving the impression of riding a bike in a real environment instead of a virtual one, according to LG Display.

LG Virtual Ride Concept

There is no word on the cost of the conceptual device. But again, the company is hoping the technology will inspire companies to create a similar system using LG’s technology.

LG Display adds that OLED screens are a better alternative to the VR headsets that some exercise machines use. A customer could also choose to add more OLED displays around the exercise bike for an even more immersive experience.

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