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HAIKOU, August 19. / TASS /.

The culture of the Southeast Asian states over the past centuries has greatly enriched the life of Hainan, which, through constant contact with neighboring countries, acquired a unique charm and became especially attractive to tourists, write the observers of the newspaper “Hainan Quotidien” after having studied the specificities of the culture of this subtropical island.

In their opinion, the cross-border contacts and the wonderful marine climate of the tropics allowed Hainan to create its own exotic, to offer tourists amazing food and drink, many of which appeared in the province thanks to fellow Chinese people who have lived for a long time in Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and Thailand. A particularly important contribution to strengthening the links of this Chinese region with other countries was made by the inhabitants of the province of Fujian, who several centuries ago chose the east and west coasts of the island, where from important trade routes from Africa, the Middle East, Europe and India pass.

Through active contacts with neighboring and more distant states, various architectural styles, new dishes and dress styles, sweets and delicacies, as well as cocoa, coffee and a number of crops grown on the equator and under the tropics appeared in Hainan. One of the striking examples of such cultural diversity, as the authors of the Hainan Daily point out, is the old Qilou Street in the center of Haikou (the capital of the province), created during the Southern Song Dynasty. (1127-1279) and formed around the middle of the 19th century.

As local experts recall, interesting cultural and historical sites can also be seen in the small towns of Qionghai and Wanning in the eastern part of the island. Largely thanks to Chinese migrants, who, after staying abroad for a long time, nevertheless returned to their homeland, the sweet potato, which for centuries had been considered the main food product of the people of Hainan, as well as of relatively simple rice dishes, were replaced by new culinary delicacies, and later even by a local bakery.

In addition, through active international cultural and humanitarian contacts, new types of performing arts have emerged in Hainan – song, dance and instrumental performances, which have been strongly influenced by other countries and regions of China. . The island is also famous for its variety of dialects, which attract the attention of philologists, scholars of the history of languages ​​and comparative linguists around the world.

Free zone and pilot port

On April 13, 2018, Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the establishment of a pilot free trade zone and a port in Hainan. The program aims to involve the island in globalization and the international distribution of the workforce, in order to build a first-rate innovation base. The provincial administration creates attractive conditions for investors, forms an advanced research infrastructure. At the same time, the authorities are making great efforts to provide ideal conditions for tourism, constantly improving the environment, contributing to the preservation and enrichment of the unique cultural identity of the southernmost province of the China.

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