Southport Nostalgia: historic pub transformed after £ 600,000 investment


The Fox & Goose pub in Southport. Photo: Andrew Brown Media

By Andrew Brown

One of the Northwest’s most historic nightclubs has been transformed with an investment of £ 600,000 – after being nearly lost and converted into apartments.

The Fox & Goose pub in Southport town center has been visited by generations of party-loving people since it opened in the 1850s.

Successful local businessman Hasan Akdeniz has now spearheaded his conversion into an exciting new place that can be enjoyed day or night, with many different rooms to explore, both inside and out. outside.

These images show how the ground floor has been transformed into a stunning new nightclub with the city’s most colorful neon dance floor, while live music returns. A bar runs along the left side of the wall and VIP rooms can be hired.

The Fox & Goose pub in Southport. Photo: Andrew Brown Media

The popular Saturday night rock parties are back in the venue on Cable Street just off Lord Street in the heart of downtown.

Fox & Goose has always been famous for its live music, and local bands have returned in recent weeks.

Eager to embrace the entire Southport community, the Fox & Goose started hosting brand new Romanian Nights and Russian Nights, which have proven to be very popular.

Hasan has created an attractive new outdoor beer garden where visitors can relax and enjoy the city’s very first shisha bar.

People of all ages will love the redesigned first floor, which Hasan has converted into a whole new game room.

The Fox & Goose pub in Southport. Photo: Andrew Brown Media

Here people can find a new pool table, a dart board, and soon will be able to play on a ping pong table.

Local company Classic Arcade Games has provided several nostalgic arcade games for people to enjoy. Others should follow.

The Fox & Goose has created an atmosphere and facilities available to people of all ages at all times of the day and night.

Hasan said: “We opened Fox & Goose on July 2nd, following an investment of around £ 600,000.

“I applied for a license to bring back the Fox & Goose. The building permit had been given to the previous owner to transform the building into eight apartments when I bought it.

“I’m aware of the huge affection people have for the Fox & Goose, so I was determined to reopen it, but give it a really good new look at the same time.

“Everyone in Southport has fond memories of being here.

Lots of disguises on display at The Pavilion fun pub (later the Fox & Goose) in Southport in May 1984

“You can’t imagine the number of emails and messages I received from people when they heard that I was reopening Fox & Goose. They were delighted to hear that we were back.

“I have received a lot of messages from people who have met their husbands or wives here, who celebrated their 18th birthday here, people who have had a great evening over the years.

“I would like to add a big thank you to my business partner, Dr Emrah Aslan, for all his help and support in this project, as well as to Mr Adem Akdeniz.

In addition, a very big thank you to all the local residents of Southport who have supported me throughout. “

Hasan knows Southport very well, having run a number of successful businesses nearby.

He believes in the future of the city and has other investment projects.

He said: “I have been doing business in Southport for 14 years.

“There is nothing here that looks like what we have here at Fox & Goose.

The Fox & Goose pub in Southport

“Our new playroom is truly unique. People between the ages of 21 and 35 don’t have a great choice of places to go during the day to relax and have fun.

“Here they can come and play billiards, darts, enjoy our classic arcade games or play table tennis. They no longer have to go out of town to find something similar.

“There are also a few other games on the way here soon.

“At the back, on the ground floor, we have our new beer garden and our shisha garden. It’s one of a kind, the only one like this in Southport.

“In Southport, there’s nowhere to go for shisha. The people I talk to go to Manchester or Liverpool and they have to drive an hour each way and then one person has to drive so can’t drink.

The Fox & Goose pub in Southport. Photo: Andrew Brown Media

“Everyone will be welcome here and then you can take a cab for a few pounds because you are already in Southport.

“Our outdoor space is open every day, until 10 pm, out of respect for our neighbors.

Before its closure in 2018, the Fox & Goose was well known for its live music, hosting bands such as Space and hosting the popular Battle of the Bands competition.

The pub first opened in the 1850s and enjoyed trading for many years until it was transformed into a “fun pub” called The Pavilion in 1984. The fun included regular pie fights. cream!

Kerry and Angela visit the Fox & Goose pub in Southport in December 1994

But the “fun” was short lived, and in 1987 a “pub with a new image and a very different sense of style” arrived, namely The Steamboat.

Fortunately, under new management, “The Fox” made a full recovery and after just seven years the pub reverted to its original name in early 1991.

Known for showcasing local musical talent, the bar was one of the few in the city that championed rock music and regularly presented concerts.

But it closed its doors three years ago, and plans were quickly filed to convert the building into an apartment building, marking the end of one of the city’s most iconic places.

Lots of disguises on display at The Pavilion fun pub (later the Fox & Goose) in Southport in May 1984

After one request was rejected, a second was approved and disappointed local residents feared the place was gone forever.

But it was successfully rescued and underwent a substantial renovation by Hasan Akdeniz.

People are now encouraged to come and take a look at what the new place has to offer.

Hasan, originally from Turkey, has previously operated unlicensed stores, shops and kebab shops in the city, including the Southport Food Center on Nevill Street.

It was thanks to the store that he first experienced the popularity of the place and the many tributes and comments online after it closed convinced him to take over the place.

He said, “I used to run SFC take-out when the Fox and Goose was open. When it closed I read the reviews online and the folks in Southport were so upset – a couple met 50 years ago in the Fox and Goose.

Patrons enjoy a night out at the Fox & Goose pub in Southport

“I read over 300 reviews, everyone was so sad and had fond memories of Fox and Goose.

“When I sat down people were looking for a businessman to invest and reopen, I said ‘why not?’ I was looking for a second company at the time.

“I hope people enjoy seeing the Fox & Goose open again and come and enjoy what we have to offer.”

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