St. Louis-Based Black Woman-Owned Beauty Brand Brings Sexy Back to Personal Care |



Get Leighed Cosmetics stays true to its mission of making personal care an effortless and desired ritual, with evocative names for each product such as Striptease Cleansing Oil (a cleanser and makeup remover).

“The vibe started with my stage name,” comments Leigh. “I was Evelyn Leigh when I started in music a long time ago. My music was grown up and sexy, [and] only amusing. There were a lot of playful names in my music and my writing style, [and] he wore in Get Leighed Cosmetics because [I believe] skin care and hair care should be fun.

For example, Leigh explains, “We make wash day sexy. [For those who have natural hair,] laundry day is terrible, awful! I want to make personal care an experience we no longer dread. We change all that mood. It is exciting now!”

Photo by Bold Xchange, Courtesy of Get Leighed Cosmetics

Products like Foreplay – an oil used before shampooing – and Stimulate – a growth-stimulating hair oil with peppermint and tea tree – rejuvenate the scalp. Leigh’s first product, her “Famous Body Butters,” is a fan favorite and will be back this fall. The holiday season will bring personal care sets that guests can personalize with their favorite scent that will include body butter, body scrub, cream soap, shower gel and body oil.

“The real value of personal care is taking the time to prioritize yourself and take care of the things that make you feel good,” says Leigh. “It’s taking the time to be like, ‘Hey, I love you and I’m paying attention to what you need.'” [LN dingbat]

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