Stay tuned for the latest releases from Oliver Sean as his album ‘Garage Sessions Vol 2 is ready to play

After leaving his fans in awe of “Blue Dances”, Oliver Sean kept people excited about the announcement of the latest release’Garage Sessions Vol 2′.

Artist Oliver Sean, with his expertise in music composition and deep understanding of songwriting, yielded brilliant and creative songs. Among them, the most beautiful is the “Blue Dances”. The song’s intro will compel you to listen to the full song as it will remind you of South Asian folk music. The artist showed his mastery of music and his skill in singing in the song. The rhythms of the background music are very exotic and mix music from different genres. Listening to the song will make you feel his prowess on the pitch.

In the background music, the artist incorporated the rhythm of 80s music. His experimental approach to music is clearly seen with the song. The artist combined the three most popular genres in one song: rock, pop and rap. The song ‘Doing That’ is a happy and cheerful song which the artist justified with his happy voice infused with positive emotion. The song will make you fall in love with the exquisite and haunting voice of the artist Oliver Sean. It makes you feel what he feels while singing the song. The motivated artist knows how to choose the subject of his song.

Oliver Sean

Now all hearts await the artist’s latest release with his band, Oliver Sean Band. The album, titled ‘Garage Sessions Vol 2′, will be released in May this year. The previous volume of the album was a huge success. The album received critical and public acclaim. Additionally, it ranked #8 on the Billboard Blues Album charts and various 1 on iTunes just a month ago. So listen to the artist’s songs on Youtube. And stay tuned for the release of his album.

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