The 7th Latin Taste Festival is October 10


The Coalition of Latino Leaders, CLILA, will be holding its seventh Latin Taste Festival this Sunday in downtown Dalton. There will be traditional and authentic Latino dishes from different parts of Mexico and other countries like Peru, Venezuela, Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras and more.
The site will be located at the corner of Hamilton Street and Crawford Street in Dalton, under the bridge next to Dalton Depot.

Community Latino food vendors will start serving at noon and continue until 7:00 p.m., while attendees can enjoy traditional music and dances performed by groups from different Latin American countries and regions.

“We will have a dance group representing Peru, another representing Colombia, our own Mexican children’s folk dance group from CLILA, now our adult group, a mariachi group and a group, as well as others. groups from Atlanta, for your enjoyment, organizers said. “The Festival is the result of a true community effort, with ordinary people – moms, grandmothers, men and youth – cooking and present delicious food from their hometown, and many passionate volunteers.

“Dalton is a diverse city, where a vibrant Latino population thrives and contributes in many ways to the fabric of the city. Most Latinos in Dalton are from Mexico (around 85%), but many other countries are represented, such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, Colombia, Venezuela, Peru, Uruguay and many more. Although we are all Latinos, we are also very diverse from country to country. And even within each country there are many different regions and traditions.

“The Seventh Festival of Latin Taste will celebrate authentic and colorful Latin cuisine, music and dancing, so you can taste savory, or sweet, or tangy, or creamy, or spicy or sweet, but all delicious. Come and enjoy. music, dances and food with other cultures. We recognize ourselves as living in a beautiful country and a beautiful city that we love very much, while valuing our history and our roots.

“Latin American countries have rich and complex cultures from at least 15 centuries ago, and there is too much to learn and share, from the ancient Aztecs, Mayas and Incas to the Métis, as well as different tribes. and ethnic groups Food and performance reflect these cultures.

“Food vendors include Mexican platters, traditional tacos, as well as pozole – a Náhuatl word for hominy, a traditional soup or stew from the Spanish colonization, and traditional tamales, enchiladas, mole, which usually contain a mixture of peppers, nuts, seeds and unsweetened chocolate, tomatoes, raisins and various spices.

“From Venezuela we’ll have the traditional arepas – a flatbread made from ground corn dough or baked flour served with various fillings.

“From Peru we’ll have anticuchos, an ancient delicacy that includes grilled meat topped with potatoes.

In addition to many other delicious foods, Pupusas will also be sold at the Festival, a traditional food from El Salvador, made from finely ground wheat or corn flour. El Salvador will also feature an exotic dish made from yucca (a root). .

“The performances include pre-Spanish music with Aztec dancers, folk dances from different periods and regions of Mexico, Guatemala, El Salvador, Peru, Colombia and Uruguay.

“CLILA is the only Latino nonprofit of its kind in Northwest Georgia, working here in Dalton for 15 years.

“CLILA is an honest voice for the local Latino community, not motivated by personal or group interests. It promotes civic participation of Latinos and cultural diversity. It improves the quality of life of Latinos, provides opportunities for the development of the Latino leadership by striving for representation in We also fight for equal opportunities We offer various services: English courses, citizenship courses, entrepreneurship support, business development, we visit legislators to discuss issues that concern us, and we have a very active voter registration / education system project, among many other services.

“We will have more sponsors this year: Peyton’s Southern, Kinetic, Community Foundation of Northwest Georgia; Vazquez and Servi Immigration Law Firm; Georgia Association for Primary Healthcare Inc, ES Pro Audio, Dr Pablo Pérez, DJ Paco, DJ Mr Green, Franco’s Jumpers, GioSamy Signs and Salon Moral-x.

“We also thank the Downtown Dalton Development Authority for allowing us to use the downtown streets to showcase our food and music.”

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