The Beautiful City Project will present DISNEY DEEP DIVE, in its first university edition

THE BEAUTIFUL CITY PROJECT is back in person with DISNEY DEEP DIVE, in its first college edition of the Cabaret series! One night only, DISNEY DEEP DIVE will wake you up to some of the best and most obscure songs from the Disney catalog. In partnership with students from the Columbia College Chicago Theater Department, proceeds from the evening will go directly to Todd Rundgren’s Spirit of Harmony Foundation and its Chicago Chapter.

Audience members are encouraged to bring along to donate a musical instrument to Spirit of Harmony! Everyone who does will receive a small gift and a free 3-month subscription to a new and upcoming offering from The Beautiful City Project: their very own Patreon, with exclusive content you won’t get anywhere else!

Designed by Founder and Artistic Director David Fiorello, this show will feature not only the talents of members of the Columbia College Theater Department, but also Broadway veteran Justin Brill (Professor of Musical Theater), and will be hosted by Columbia Alum Juwon Tyrel Perry. The group on stage will also include Kelan M. Smith, Jackson Kidder and Justin Akira Kono.

The Columbia College cast includes Alexis Trammel, Morgan Schoenecker, Bella Blackshaw, Mollie Menuck, Samantha Griffin, Mackenzie Maples, Diana Alvarez, Merry Marshall, Dylan Kerr, Jordan Lee, Natalie Henry, Oliver Schilling, Jerod Turner, Callan Roberts, Justin McPike , Peyton Knowski, Sean Sturdivant, James Angellino and Jack Moorman.

The Beautiful City Project is committed to using musical theater as a tool to give back to the Chicago community, with the goal of building a bright future for a beautiful city. Cabaret shows spotlight a different organization each month, while the main lineup of live musicals tackles a community issue head-on, raising awareness and funds to be donated directly to an organization in need, having an immediate impact. A city-wide beautification and positivity campaign will be the hallmark of a project to take real action in our beautiful city.

You can check them out on Facebook and their YouTube page, as well as their website

Event details:

When: April 25, 7:30 p.m.
Where: Venus Cabaret Theater
Tickets are $25, available at

As with all TBCP cabarets, every penny you spend on a ticket goes directly to this wonderful organization.

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