The best Etsy stores for plants that will light up your life

Etsy, the internet hypermarket for do-it-yourselfers and artisans, has become a go-to place to tag succulents, air plants, tropical foliage, and potted flowers. By sourcing greenery for your home through Etsy, you can avoid buying from big box retailers in favor of plant artisans and greenhouse owners highly skilled in growing specific varietals. These independent stores, many of which are family-owned nurseries and greenhouses, know no geographic boundaries, and shipping and packaging options across the country mean you’re no longer limited to browsing your area.

Store bios let you get to know your herbal dealer, and reviews tell you who to trust so your precious petals don’t arrive dry or damaged. Many customers report in detail how the plants are packaged upon arrival, which can be invaluable information for future buyers. Be sure to bookmark these nine Etsy Plant Stores as the stock changes often, depending on what just bloomed. Read on to find some of the best Etsy shops for plants, flowers, and greenery.

Hawaii has never been so close: Now you can order plants shipped direct from Plant Hawaii’s Oahu nursery. The store is an important source of orchids, houseplants, and tropical plants accustomed to high humidity levels. This includes the green and white shoots of Variegated Picasso spathiphyllum (peace lily), the variegated elephant leaves of Hilo beauty alocasia and Calathea lancifolia (aka the rattlesnake plant, its elongated leaves are adorned with dark green ovals. , and they accept pets).

All the plants sold in this Etsy store – from the Spyloh family’s nursery in Tigard, Oregon – are visually striking. Specializing in aerial plants (Tillandsia) and succulents, the shop is interested in plants that are also sculptural, such as Tillandsia streptophylla (commonly called linguine plant) or Tillandsia andreana, a rarer aerial plant. In addition to live plants, the shop sells terrarium-ready items, including preserved and dried reindeer moss in bright hues, such as Barney Purple or Scarlet.

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Another group of air plant experts, Meredith and Nathanael Miller’s Etsy store, connected to their nursery in Vacaville, Calif., Is interested in Tillandsia and also sells fun accessories. In the category of air plants, you’ll find Araujei (snake plants) and Aeranthos (teddy bear plants, named for their fuzzy, sphere-shaped aesthetic). Add adorable planters for these little babies, including Bulbasur ceramic planters – a nod to first-generation Pokémon – for succulents and sea urchin shells.

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Sputnik sea urchin shells with air plant

Based in Lansing, Michigan, 1991, Hillary Coleman of Greenery dances among many types of plants, from succulents to leafy houseplants, in her Etsy shop. In the succulent category, you can find options like Crassula perforate (string of buds) and Sedum morganianum (burro’s tail), while Hilary also sells cacti and eye-catching plants such as the almost indestructible snake plant and pothos. queen of marble air purifiers.

This Etsy store is busy with over 36,000 sales to date. Led by Liz and Jared Hughes, the Ohio couple, who live on the ranch with their two daughters and Australian Shepherds, specialize in exotic and unique plants that require little water. This results in a mix of succulents, cacti, and rare perennials (like Anthurium jenmanii variegate, its leathery leaves with yellow variegation, or Ficus shivereana ‘Variegata’, with a hefty price tag of $ 552).

Ficus shivereana ‘Variegata’

These plants are so amazing that you might mistake the assorted colorful succulent plant trays (sold as so-called mystery boxes) for edible candy. All the succulents sold by Jaclyn Bridges and her Santa Cruz, California nursery are works of art, whether it’s Graptopetalum superbum variegate (a rare succulent with Korean roots) or Echoveria crinoline (with crumpled leaves like cabbage).

Two Miami women, Amelia D’Costa and Janelle Guzman, collaborated to launch this Etsy plant shop with the goal of “increasing the representation of women of color in gardening spaces.” On Etsy for only a year, the store has already exceeded 1,000 orders. What sets their items apart is that they come in jars and, in some cases, in arrangements. For example, you can get a Monstera adasonii (Swiss cheese) plant in a white geometric ceramic pot, or a succulent arrangement hanging in an eight-inch pewter pot.

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Anya Zaytseva from this Etsy store in Tacoma, Washington, has a crush on rare plants and also has nearly 46,000 Instagram followers on behalf of Botanicaz. You can pick up a mysterious pile of cuttings or go straight to the Rare Collector category of the store. This is where you’ll find, if you’re lucky, Philodendron Florida beauty for $ 1,421 and Syngonium strawberry ice cream for $ 259. But most stores are less sloping, between $ 41 and $ 100.

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Hybrid Philodendron verrucosum x sodiroi ‘Majestic’

Black-owned and based in Georgia, this Etsy shop—yetou translates to “our” in Swahili – launched in Spring 2020. But it was, pardon the pun, sown earlier in life after store owner Jennifer Lynch saw the Secret garden movie. There is a lot of variety in the shop, from ferns (like fluffy ruffles) to ficus. And if you’re in the Atlanta area, you can rent boxwood walls or Jennifer’s “jungle and flowers,” as she calls them, for weddings and other events.

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Bird’s Nest Fern Hurricane

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