The Block # 1 at the start of Hellway Week


Total TV reviews for September 21, 2021

The block was the first non-news program in total TV audiences with an audience of 1.439 million (up 25%). The episode saw Ronnie and Georgia win the domain list challenge.

SAS Australia was 1,135m after a 34% improvement in its overnight audience. In the episode, all of the rookies were able to stay on the show after being tested for confidence and commitment.

The masked singer had an average of 903,000 then 1,062m for his revelation of Ella Hooper like the giant baby.

September 28 TV ratings

• 7:30 p.m. is not enough because The Block is also featured on The Weakest Link

Prime Time News
Seven News 1,035,000 / 1,033,000
Nine new 958,000 / 945,000
ABC News 733,000
10 News First 325,000 (5:00 p.m.) / 193,000 (6:00 p.m.)
SBS World News 158,000 (6.30 p.m.) 109,000 (7.00 p.m.)

Daily news
A topical case 778,000
7.30 594,000
The project 240,000 (6.30 p.m.) / 476,000 (7.00 p.m.)
The drum 177,000

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 238,000
Today 246,000
194,000 news breakfast

Latest news
Nine new 153,000
The last 121,000
ABC Latest News 94,000


Nine was again the first primary channel with 23.1% and the first network also with 30.5%

The block was the best non-news program of the evening with 893,000 as the teams kicked off the infamous “Hellway” (Hallway) week, where teams must complete their laundry rooms, hallways and powder rooms. Excavation of the swimming pool has also started.

Enemies Tanya and Vito and Ronnie and Georgia were forced to spend an evening together after finishing tied for first place in the Living and Dining Week reveal.

Kirsty and Jesse had to leave the site when they learned that Kirsty’s grandmother had passed, as the other teams agreed to help them out at the Winners are Grinners dinner.

At 8:40 p.m., The block continued to feature as part of a special edition of The weakest link. The episode drew 533,000 viewers in the form of eight famous faces of The block: judges Shaynna Blaze, Neale Whitaker and Darren palmer; foreman Keith schleiger; and fan favorites Mitch and Mark and Alisa and Lysandra participated in the show for a chance to win $ 250,000 for their chosen charity. This episode broke the show’s previous record which was 423,000 for its launch earlier this year.

A repeat of Travel guides then took 298,000 viewers to Bali.


At home and away followed Seven News with a strong audience of 614,000.

SAS Australia had an audience of 565,000 then. The episode saw no rookies return home as the last five each got behind the wheel on a tactical driving mission that saw rookies drive a VIP, DS Billy Billingham, through simulated hostile territory to a safe location. Dan Ewing was the only one who decided not to cross the barrier, failing the task.

In another test of determination, recruits were surprised by a nighttime ambush captured, blindfolded, tied up and chained in a black bunker that mimicked a prisoner holding cell. Jana Pittman first took the initiative to get out of the potentially deadly scenario and, with John Steffensen, successfully led the escape of recruits.

Australia: yesterday and today then there were 302,000 as the episode discussed which generation was the biggest rebel.


The project had 240,000 (6:30 p.m.) and 476,000 (7:00 p.m.) as the show explained how Australia will live after Covid and the new Prime Minister of New South Wales.

At The masked singer, 771,000 looked like Anastacia was revealed to be in the vampire costume and crowned the winner of the Grand Final. The episode attracted an average of 648,000 viewers.

American singer-songwriter clinched coveted title in front of singers Em Rusciano (aka Dolly) and Whitehead axle (alias Mulet).

For his last solo performance, Vampire sank his teeth into Live and Let Die through Paul McCartney, and the jury Dannii Minogue, Dave Hughes, Jackie O and Urzila carlson took their last stab wounds at who was behind the vampire mask.

Dave and Urzila failed to guess Shakira and Sheryl Raven, but it was Jackie O and Dannii Minogue who ended their winning streak in style, with singer Anastacia’s good placement in the role of Vampire.

Daniel Monaghan, SVP Content and Programming, said: “This year, The masked singer Australia delivered on star power and family entertainment. Incredible performances, goofy masks and jaw-dropping reveals were a winning combination on all platforms and at all ages.

“My sincere thanks and thanks to Osher, Jackie, Dave, Dannii and Urzila for their talent, energy and humor. Thank you also to our incredibly talented celebrities for braving the stage and bringing us such pure entertainment.

“I want to thank our creative, imaginative and resilient team, our partners at Warner Bros. and the Network 10 team.

“Thank you also to our viewers. Their enthusiasm and passion for performing is unwavering.

Cheap seats then had 370,000 viewers and presented Tony martin.


The school that tried to end racismThe third episode drew a crowd of 248,000 people.


The most-watched show on SBS was a repeat of Great American rail journeys with 197,000 viewers.

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