The Inspirational Kerala Cop Journey from Lemonade Cart to Varkala SI



The fortune tale genre took a different turn when Anie Siva, Deputy Police Inspector for the sleepy town of Varkala in Kerala overnight became a sensation with a tale of persistence and willpower. Anie has now been appointed to Ernakulam District. Anie was looking to graduate when Cupid hit her at the age of 18, only to have a life that hit her harder than an iceberg. The first rejection came from the husband when she was carrying their first child. The abandoned young woman of the family had nowhere to go with a baby to care for.

Anie is in awe of all the appreciation that has poured in when. She sat down for a conversation with News 18. “I’m amazed it’s for real. I’m confused if this is the same company where I fought for 15 long years. Countless women in this society deserve to be appreciated. Actor Suresh Gopi called me to ask me why I hadn’t approached him when needed. In the face of poverty, seeking help is only secondary. The first thing you look for is a safe place to take shelter. When I joined the police force, I found many people who needed a shoulder to cry on, so that their worries were suddenly gone.

When she was abandoned by her ex-husband, Anie took on odd jobs for a living. She started out as a door-to-door marketing agent selling curry powder. As it fell flat on her face, she moved on to a life insurance agency. A paltry Rs 3,500 per month was barely enough to cover the expenses of a rented house and childcare costs for his son.

She found an associate from the same agency to start the lemonade business. Anie had pledged her gold ornaments to fund the business, but the unruly nature of her business partner’s husband ruined the profit, prompting her to seriously think about job security.

The Facebook post behind her overnight fame came as Anie walked the Memory Trail from her new office where she was appointed Police Inspector.

“I had no knowledge of most of the jobs I had held in my life. I had no idea drinking lemonade, let alone making one myself. My lack of expertise earned me the wrath of a client. So I made a point of telling all my fights to this company. I never expected it to be projected in this proportion, ”says Anie.

Citing her broken marriage at the age of 18, Anie would not have wanted to measure her knowledge with her education. “Education is not the standard of knowledge. These days, I marvel at the thoughtless act of getting married. It helped me understand teenage girls better. “

“I believe it’s God’s command for me to be in this service and live to support many others. If there is no one to support and no one to expect at home, it gives you pause. I have a son. But no matter what I did, I couldn’t afford to buy her a meal. During my days as an insurance agent, a man accepted a policy of Rs 50,000 in exchange for a striptease! This view of society has not changed much to this day. Those who “like” and “share” social media posts do exactly the same against dark. Just as the character played by Thilakan in the movie “Veendum Chila Veettukaryangal” told his son, my father wanted me to “show how I live”. I found myself having to do it, so that my father would keep his head up. He didn’t start talking to me, ”concludes Anie.

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