The Melbourne Cup stops the nation


Total TV reviews for October 26, 2021

The block was the first non-news program in total TV audiences with 1.510 million viewers thanks to a 24% increase in its nightly audiences. The episode saw Kirsty and Jesse and Tanya and Vito both forced to send workers home due to reduced budgets.

At home and away was the best show on Seven with 1.162m while the last episode of SAS Australia: Hell Week had 605,000 viewers.

Dog House Australia was the first program in 10 with 806,000 viewers as Schnitzel, Frosted, and Raj sought their eternal homes.

Love island australia was once again the big jump with a 95% increase in its audiences overnight bringing its audience to 599,000.

TV reviews from November 2 overnight

• Dog House Australia wins the timeslot with the highest rated episode to date

Prime Time News
Seven News 911,000 / 923,000
Nine new 883,000 / 852,000
ABC News 657,000
10 News First 364,000 (5:00 p.m.) / 293,000 (6:00 p.m.)
SBS World News 138,000 (6.30 p.m.) 66,000 (7.00 p.m.)

Daily news
A topical case 635,000
7.30 526,000
The project 286,000 (6.30 p.m.) / 434,000 (7.00 p.m.)
The 148,000 drum

Breakfast TV
Sunrise 242,000
Today 237,000
194,000 news breakfast

Latest news
The last 101,000
Nine new 91,000
ABC Latest News 60,000


Seven won the evening with a main channel share of 18.4% and a network share of 26.5%.

At home and away was the top non-news program on Seven with 541,000 viewers.

Big Brother VIP had 380,000 viewers tuned in for its second episode. This follows the lackluster audience of 377,000 the show had for its Monday night launch.

One of the highlights of the episode was the old Married at first sight competitor Jessika Power share with his fellow celebrities how the Australian cricket legend Shane Warne recently contacted her on social media.

“Shane Warne, mate, he’s a monster. Some of the things he sent me… inappropriate. I answered him a bit and then he was just rated X. No wonder he gets in trouble all the time – you don’t text that if you have a (famous) name.

Then Seven aired the documentary Siamese twins which focused, you guessed it, on the Siamese twins. The doco attracted 194,000 viewers.


The second episode of Parental guidance had 547,000 viewers, which was down from its premiere of 629,000 Monday night. The episode gave parents one more night to get to know each other before they had to vote for the two groups of families they want to send to the super challenges.

Island of love then followed with 191,000 viewers. The episode saw Lexy thornberry failure after discovering Ryan reid‘s fuck and striptease with Tayla Mellington.

A repeat of Travel guides then took 152,000 viewers to North Queensland.


Despite Very elegantbest efforts, ten was the true Melbourne Cup winner yesterday after drawing a robust 1,213m crowd for the nation-stopping race. It was the best program of the day, beating the competition from prime-time programs.

Last year’s Melbourne Cup had 1,410m watched out of 10.

The project had 286,000 (6.30pm) and 434,000 (7.00pm) as coverage of the Melbourne Cup continued as the program also discussed growing tensions with France.

Dog House AustraliaThe fourth episode of the show had 566,000 viewers at the time, following on from the show which drew 507,000 viewers over the past two weeks. It was the highest rated episode of the season and also the # 1 program for its time slot.

Cheap seats had 402,000 viewers, a large crowd for the program which benefited from a slightly earlier time slot (8:30 p.m.) since its twinning with Doghouse.


On the ABC, The Greek Islands with Julia Bradbury attracted 343,000 viewers to the Greek island of Rhodes, which is the medieval capital.

Country to go saw 256,000 viewers logging in to watch the first part of Justine clarkeRoad trip in a 1959 FC Holden in the heart of Australian country music.


The best program on SBS was a repeat of Great American rail journeys with 165,000 viewers.

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