The play center with a snow room and slime factory 40 minutes from Manchester


If you’ve got the kind of kids who want to get their hands on EVERYTHING, then we might just have found the perfect play center.

At the west end of the M62 is Imagine That !, a children’s science and discovery center where little ones can live out their wildest dreams.

This can be disguised as a pizza chef, construction workers, pop stars or veterans, looking for dinosaurs, or watching snow form in front of their eyes, then putting their hands in vats of mud.

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Families can book at this extraordinary activity center for three-hour time slots on weekends and during mid-term vacations, with each session being given a certain time in each “zone”.

I traveled to the center, about 40 minutes from Manchester, with my George, six, and Freddie, 22 months, and the center had a lot going on to keep the two kids ridiculously happy and engaged during that time.

Journalist Dianne’s children George and Freddie play vets at Imagine That!

We started our journey in the Imagination Village – a large space with different “rooms” dedicated to different workspaces, such as a supermarket, pizzeria, TV studio, theater and construction site.

It gave kids the space and time to play being a bus driver, construction worker, pizza maker, TV presenter, pop star, or vet – with the demand that a family use every “pod” on their own. a moment that was respected during our visit.

George enjoyed playing the role of a vet with his stethoscope tending to an “injured” cat and checking his x-rays – while Fred happily tossed around a collection of other stuffed animals causing many new imaginary illnesses, I’m sure.

Next, it’s in the Artbeatz area where kids have the chance to “get dirty” by splashing paint on a huge car, before honing their artistic skills to create their own masterpiece of mini magnets.

Activities at Imagine That!

There is the chance to come to life inside a huge photograph, as well as become a giant pine art sculpture.

There is also a cafe and dining area in zones one and two, so we made a stop here to feed and water the children – which left us little time to explore the play area. exterior.

It’s dinosaur-themed currently that my oldest son loved – and he got to do a bit of fossil research on an activity table, before the two kids came to life on a dino jeep.

The scientific area

Then we went to the third area of ​​the tour – the science area – where kids can explore the magic of mirrors, magnets, water and snow.

Budding scientist George loved the area, which allowed for lots of discussion, while little Fred was excited to get to work on the 5-meter interactive ball wall.

As a parent, it was exciting to watch the tiny little cogs in their minds determine what was happening through the various exhibits.

This area also featured a much anticipated room – the “snow” area – where a scientist from the center helps all the youngsters create a mixture of absorbent materials to form their own pot of “snow” – followed by a full blast that made a magical moment for both of us.

George loved the “snow” room

There’s also a sizable splash area where kids can experiment with buckets of water and pumps if you don’t mind everyone getting a little wet.

The final destination of the tour is the Slime Factory, which George was looking forward to the most.

Kids can try their hand at making their own slime and bath bomb, while the on-site scientist gives a rather splendid giant bubble demonstration that the younger ones loved.

The center was recently able to reopen its slime rooms for the first time since lockdown restrictions were relaxed – and all children are urged to sanitize their hands before entering and leaving here.

Kids love slime rooms

With different tubs of gooey and spongy sludge, George had a great time here. Freddie was a little hesitant at first, but soon realized he loved trying to pick the little toys out of some of the gooey looking green sludge.

I was really impressed with how the whole day was organized, and from the moment you walked in everyone was asked to wash their hands and the adults asked to get a mask back if they hadn’t brought one to use in closed areas.

The time slots allowed you to have enough time to explore each area without being overwhelmed by too many other children / families.

There was so much to do with my 22 month old and six year old that I would have no hesitation in booking to go back.

Tickets, location and opening hours

Bubble workshop at Imagine That!

Imagine that! Is based at Wavertree Technology Park, 26-32 Faraday Street, Liverpool, L13 1EH and caters to children under the age of 11.

It opens on weekends and weekdays, as well as selected “Toddler Days” that you can find online.

It is open daily for Halloween specials during the October semester, from October 23 to 31 inclusive.

Tickets cost £ 14.95 per child, £ 12.95 for children under three (babies are free) and £ 7.95 per adult. Adult and child tickets are £ 22.90. Tickets must be reserved prior to your visit.

To book and for more details visit

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