‘The Stripsons’ is the stage parody turning ‘The Simpsons’ into an adult-only burlesque and drag show

When something has been part of the pop culture landscape for 33 years, there really isn’t much it won’t have done. And The simpsons has done a lot – over 700+ TV episodes, a 2007 movie, his own albums and singles, plus video games, books and comics. Yes, the list is long. Until now, however, even diehard fans of TV’s favorite Springfield locals might not have seen the titular family take to the stage in a slapstick, drag parody. But on Saturday April 16, for just one night at the Tivoli, Brisbanites can choose to watch just that.

In case the name of the show is unclear, The Stripsons also claims to “put the tape on in Springfield” – so as iconic as Homer’s blue pants and white shirt are, and Marge’s green dress too, you can expect to see them wearing a lot less. That’s what happens when The Bad Collective takes a childhood favorite and turns it into a decidedly adults-only show, in the highly satirical genre, as it once did with Shreklesque.

In a production that is also obviously in the same vein as The Empire undresses, The Stripsons not only gives Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie the comedic treatment, but also Millhouse, Ned Flanders, Principal Skinner, Mrs. Krabappel, Mr. Burns and Smithers as well – because The simpsons has always been more than its eponymous characters. The cast of yellow-clad burlesque, drag, musical theatre, dance and music talent includes Trigger Happy, Bebe Gunn, Lulu Lemans, Baron von Envy, Barbie Banks and Betty Lovecat, as well as newcomers such as Indea Sekula, Kimi Young and Ella Nagel.


The soundtrack to the two-hour show: all the songs that have stuck with you over the years thanks to The simpsons, all accompanied by a mixture of dance, comedy, drag and striptease. (If “Dr Zaius, Dr Zaius, ohhhhh Dr Zaius” or “Who’s holding back the electric car? Who made Steve Guttenburg a star?” just popped into your brain right now, then you know what we’re talking about.) And, that probably means everything from “See My Vest” to “Monorail” to “We Put The Spring in Springfield” will have a whirlwind. Cross your fingers that the 1991 hit ‘Do the Bartman’, which reached number one on the Australian charts, also appears.

And if you wonder how The Stripsons was born, Bad Collective’s creative team brought it up after Shreklesque proved to be surprisingly popular – and after rewatching hundreds of episodes and listening to all those The Simpsons tunes, of course.

The Stripsons will play at the Tivoli on Saturday April 16 – see you at the show website for more details, and for the website of the place for tickets.

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Sarah Ward

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